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78 RB26 260Z

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Wheels are 16", I'll see what the clearance is like once its at its final height. If you are worried about clearance with the bar then you can easily slot it into the part of the body that it touches in the middle to give you plenty more clearance than it has on my setup.

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Some photos of the engine.






 Got lots to do to just get it looking ready, got to:



Clean up throttle bodies and throttle linkages

Possibly powdercoat intake plenum - metallic silver

Remove fan

Remove power steering pump

Polish cas unit

Try and polish up cam gear cover to make it properly clear again, if this is not possible I'll buy a new one or use a stock metal one

Remove breathers on cam covers and weld on -10 fitings and repaint in R34 red

Buy plug cover

Clean and repaint block

Get exhaust manifolds ceramic coated

Came without twin turbo outlet piping, need to buy them, modify it to make the airflow meet better and get it polished.




That's all on top of fitting new parts like the custom sump and turbos. I'll make sure it all looks mint before it goes in.







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First, loving your build so far. Just pumping me up for my own, but slightly low budget by comparison build. LOL... But it's good to see what parts are out there and what idea's I need to bring to my own Z, so make sure that you keep posting. I'm learning. :) Quick question though, was there a "budget" in mind when you wanted to build this car? I notice that you have a few "high dollar" choices that have been added and made their way onto the car in a short amount of time. (i.e The car itself (rare and in good condition), media blast and new paint, wilwood big brakes, custom  EFI fuel tank, modded RB26,etc.) Is this car for you or are you planning to sell her? It kinda reminds me of the lime green SR20 $100,000 Z build. Also, any updates or other changes in the interior? And are you planning to add a cage?

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Carterlrae - Yes, there was budget, both for chassis, body, suspension and brake setup and another for engine swap. I've gone over the first and its safe to say I'm going to go over the engine swap budget also. Theres always costs that you didn't account for.


Theres quite a lot of expensive parts on it that I've had to sacrifice things in order to afford, but I want to make sure if I do something I do it right and getting it right means no breakages later on and will save me money long term. Do it right, Do it once.


Wasn't planning on a highly modded RB, but its not going to work out any more expensive, if I got a stock one I would still have changed the oil and water pumps, added an ATI damper, taken the head off, changed the gasket, fitted oil restrictors and drain. This has all this done already so that's saves me getting that done plus its got lots of extras.



This car is definitely for me, never plan to sell it.



I plan to keep the interior nearly stock, will be fitting a half cage after the swap though, might have to change the seats if they aren't holding me well enough for track work, I'll see how they go.




Don't think its quite on par with the green SR20 build, I'm doing the best I can but I don't have the kind of budget that was put into that, I'm confident I can make it my perfect Z though.

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About time for an update.



This is just about finished for the first stage of the project. Shes running again although I do have a lot of the little details to sort and she also needs a good detail. I spent a few hours cleaning the interior today as she was filthy, some of the dust from the blasting found its way inside and coated everything, I wet wiped, dryed and treated every surface and took the seats out and vacuumed everywhere and while I was at it I took the seat rails off and cleaned them as dust had stuck to the grease and was preventing them sliding smoothly.





Not the best photos but you get an idea, I'll take better ones once I wash her properly, the rear wing is on now also since I took these.



I love how shes looks, I couldn't be happier, the wheels and airdam are perfect and make such a difference together with the lowering.











Looking tiny and very low compared to the Golf



Thinking  smaller number plate may be called for.

























Still got lots of setting up to do, tracking, caster and camber are all off and need set and I need to bed in the brakes and play with the brake bias valve to find the right balance, even as she is it feels great and it really stops well. Have been having problems with the float chambers overflowing on the carbs, cleaned them up today so hopefully that's sorted but I need to wait for new gaskets for them.



Will hopefully have better photos soon. Got a lot of work to do on the RB26 to get it ready so that wlll keep me busy, also my Civic is going to take lot of work, two projects at once is hard going.



Wish the weather was better.

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Well, I haven't forgotten about this. Should be running good again soon, carbs have been cleaned and balanced but its still spitting out fuel, I've ordered two new float lid assemblies which should arrive vey soon, once I fit them then hopefully its all good again.




But in the meantime I've been working on tidying up the RB:





My twin turbo pipe arrived, it been modified with a baffle which will smooth the airflow where the flow from the two turbos meet. Mean more power an less shuffle. I will grind the welds smooth and then its off to get polished along with a few other parts.








Trust Downpipe:





Took off my exhaust manifolds, I will be using these stock ones as tubular ones often crack and don't offer any better results than ported stock ones. You can see they need ported where the soot has built up around the edges, I will port them so they are slightly bigger than the outlets from the head, this avoids turbulence.








Took off, the fan and power steering pump both of which won't be going back on. I also took off a lot of the other parts to clean them up.






My clear cambelt cover wasn't so clear, so I polished it up, I think it came up pretty good, meaning I'll probably use this over the painted one:










Spent a long time cleaning up these parts:










Painted one side of my block tonight:





Still got to clean and paint the other side of the block, clean up my turbos, take off the intake manifold to be sent for soda blasting and take off the rocker covers to get the -10 fittings welded on, then they are off to get painted.

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Looking Much better after a warm lambs wool mitt bath:






















Where I placed my brake bias valve:









Cleaned underneath also:










Big difference to before:











Some parts are with the polisher, some parts are with the Soda Blaster and my engine covers are with the painter.

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Complicated things these RB26's






Throttle bodies off for cleaning:






Other side of block cleaned up and painted:








Looking much nicer now:






Had the rocker covers off:









They have Mines Breathers already installed, I removed them to allow access:





To remove the old breather outlet and get the new -10 AN fittings welded on:




That patch plate will be ground smooth





I moved the intake side breather forward a bit so it will clear my bonnet latch bracket and it will also allow the lines to pass by eah other neatly on the way to the catch can.







Cleaning up the turbos:





Cleaned and painted the hot sides, outlet pipes will be sent away with the manifolds to be ceramic coated:





Took the cold side housings off so they could be soda blasted along with my intake plenum:





















Got my parts back from the polisher:





Engine covers are now away to be painted.


That's all the updates there will be for a while now.

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Thanks, the fuel tank is great isn't it, hope it works well once I start using for fuel injection setup, no reason why it won't though.



Unfortunately its got to be a bit slow for a while, I'll be buying parts as and when I can afford them over the next 5 months, next on the list a Link G4+ Extreme ECU with extra sensors.  





Still got a lot of expensive parts to get unfortunately but I'm too far to stop now:


  • ECU & Sensors
  • Custom Mil-spec Wiring Harness
  • Mounts
  • Custom Sump
  • Custom Intercooler and Radiator
  • Custom Propshaft
  • Injectors (Probably Asnu 700cc)
  • Coils
  • Ceramic Coating of manifolds and turbo elbows
  • Clutch & Flywheel
  • Tomei Fuel Rail, Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, AN fittings and lines, Filter
  • Various Engine and Turbo gaskets
  • Custom Oil Catch Tank
  • Oils
  • Air Filters
  • OS Giken LSD
  • Speedhut Gauges - Speedo, Tach, Water Temp, Boost, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp


Quite a scary list.

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Will be September or October before any proper updates to this but here a brief one anyway:




Got my ECU, Link G4+ Extreme with Internal knock control and OBDII upgrades along with 4 bar map sensor, Boost Solenoid, Fuel pressure sensor, IAT Sensor and a Missile select switch for switching between high and low boost settings.







My custom Millspec wiring harness in now finished on its way to me now, along with fuse/rely box and LS2 wideband controller.






My sump is currently being built for me by Pat1 and my intercooler and radiator are being built by Pro Alloy who made my fuel tank.

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I'm now on holiday for 6 weeks so work has begun again on this.



First thing to do, sort out my parts:












Crank trigger setup:






Fuelab Inline Fuel Filter






Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator







Turbo water and oil lines







Synapse Engineering Synchronic BOV







Asnu 700cc Injectors:







RB Motorsport R34 Ignition Coils:







Custom Rear sump with baffles and trap door, big capacity, should hold around 6.5 litres of oil, thanks to Pat1















Speedhut Gauges:







Innovate LC-2 Wideband:









Custom Millspec Harness and wiring setup, will be nice if I have to remove the engine anytime, only takes 5 seconds to disconnect the harness at the bulkhead. Tefzel wiring, Raychem DR25 heatshrink, concentric twisting, service loops at bulkhead connector, brand new connectors and looks great.







































More Parts should be arriving this week. Swap should be starting on the 15th.




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Some more parts landed from Japan this week:







Nismo Super Coppermix Clutch and Flywheel kit, Tomei Fuel Rail and OS Giken CLSD, pretty sure they sent me the wrong LSD though so I'm working on sorting that, yet more hassle.








Installed my wiring harness bulkhead connection:
















Engine is looking good, had the rocker covers painted Kandy Apple Red with a gold Flake












Custom Intercooler and Radiator were finished up and arrive with me from Pro Alloy, both were made from blueprint I sent them.
















Need to modify the diffuser plate to get it to fit, it will be tight though, wanted to use every last bit of surface area possible, just hope I didn't push too big, its about 20mm taller than my blueprints because of the way the sizing worked out 20mm extra meant two extra rows of fins.



























Can't wait to see those badboys in the bay.
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Been sorting out a lot of things for the swap like trying to get the correct LSD because I was sent the wrong one, modding my diffuser plate for the intercooler, drawing up a blueprint for my catch tank. Unfortunately my intercooler piping needs some altering to make it fit the really tight hole it has to fit through on the drivers side. :'(



Got some spacers machined, spacer for the turbo side mount because I think the oil pan will be too close to the cross member without it and some spacers to make the bracket for my crank trigger sit correctly with my custom sump.







My parts came back from getting Ceramic Coated by Zircotec, it better work well because it wasn't cheap, but I believe it should make a good difference to the rear turbo as the front turbo elbow sits very close to it, and hopefully it keeps the twin turbo outlet piping a bit cooler as well.














Did you make that label? Looks good.

I drew it up and then got it machined by a local company.


Loaded up with the last few remaining parts






Fitted boost switch, the switch beside it will have a black cover over it and will be for anti-lag, the hole on the square cover behind will have a switch for tunring on my data logging.






Modifications to intercooler work, fits well now, had a test fit,















Last mileage of the L26, kind of sad really.









Old engine is out and the RB is almost ready for test fit which will be happening on Satuday:







Still not sure if this will clear the cross member, if it does it will be super tight.











Edited by EF Ian
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