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Air to Water IC Intake Manifold Idea


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I've been studying up on air to water intercoolers, and I think they are a great alternative for street cars, and the make for a much cleaner install. I've already done the air to air in the past, so I am looking to try something new.


So I have been thinking about how to integrate the A2W IC into an L6 manifold some how. I've attached a photoshopped rendition. Keep in mind the orientation of the IC will probably change to clear the fender well. The TB may also be located under the IC so it is a straight shot from the turbo. I'm looking for a clean install, with minimal plumbing.


I've also considered ITBs between the IC and intake. But a single TB would certainly be cheaper and a lot less moving parts.




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Bumping this. I am starting to think about this again. From what I read there is no issues having the throttlebody upstream of the IC, as long as the IC plumbing is short. I am thinking that I would weld partitions between the runners where the IC meets the intake manifold. I'm thinking that this would simulate longer runners.


Ideas, thoughts?

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TB before IC? Done all the time on Turbocharged V8 engines. Short run to IC is the key as you mention. Nice design you've made!!


Nelson racing engines build a Ton of  BIG HP Turbocharged motors using Air to Water Intercoolers. Have a look at their combination AW Intercooler and Intake manifold combo for LS1 engines:





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That essentially how your new SS Cobalt/mustang/camaro/Corvette/Hellcat cars all work. Supercharger blows directly into the A-W aftercooler and then down a short runner into the cylinder head.


Google laminova intercoolers and you'll see all kinds of designs for different inline 6 BMW intercooler ideas.

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