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Idea for "easier" method to construct radiator ducting/grill block offs?

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So like quite a few others here- Ive been playing with ideas on "how" to go about blocking off the grill, and constructing something to seal the front end together. Its worth pointing out that Ive got a turbo charged car with a relatively good sized intercooler (Isuzu npr) to work around up there that limits my room a bit.  Its also worth pointing out I lack any respectable fabrication skills, and was looking for a solution that would let me do this a bit easier (rather than try to muck around with trying to mock up/measure/cut/trim/ponder over doing cardboard templates).  I think I came up with a solution, and would love share it to get some feedback from others on here- And if its a decent idea, maybe itll help some others muster up the courage to do it themselves.

My idea?  Chicken wire!  Laugh, but afterwards hear me out.

This stuff is stupidly cheap (50 square feet was 10 bucks from lowes, and for those that dont have them- this is the equivalent of home depot), light, and stupidly easy for me to work with. Take a section of it large enough to cover the area in question, and start playing with it.  Because its metal you simply bend/twist/wrap it into place, and it keeps its shape.  Dont like how that sits there?  Simply bend it another direction. And because its an open grid, not only can you easily see *everything* thats in the way at all times, its painfully simple to "deal" with whats obstructing you.  Oh look, theres a bracket in the way? Snip snip snip, bend, voila.

I didnt have much time to play before the rain stopped me outside- But I thought I'd share what ive started with just to give you an idea of how it plays out to work with the stuff:


Hopefully you can see what I mean with this picture about how easy this stuff is to work with- Ie where Ive easily snipped the wire away from where stuff was in the way (Intercooler tabs, hood prop, etc)- And hopefully make it easier to visualize what I mean by how convenient it is that it keeps its shape as I work with it. 

The idea then after I finish constructing this, is to use the mesh as a skeleton- then Ill resin/glass over it.  Me being me however, I intend to make a few different examples, simply lining the skeleton with ductape for now as I use my magnehelic gauge not only to verify the effectiveness, but possibly find better designs- Ill then make a glass/resin version of the final design.

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