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Mfactory R200 LSD

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1st for everything.

 In my 12+ years on this forum I have met and talked to so many Awesome Z car enthusiasts. Been helped and helped many more.  This has almost always been a Great community with endless info. 


 I just put newzed on my ignore/block list.  Your condescending banter and name calling is Not what a 57 year old Moderator is supposed to be doing. 

Your a Jerk NewZed. But I see that at your age we won't have to put up with your crap much longer. And Yes I left you negative feedback. Another 1st for me. 

Enough poor commenting and making others not like you and I am sure that a Real mod will entertain getting rid of you all together. 

So Long Jerk!

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I have had nothing but good things to say about the ops communication and knowledge...

I totally understand why he cannot advertise below MSRP. I follow similar rules with my industry as well...

Good luck Op.


I will be buying one in the next couple weeks as well.

Moderators are there to protect the site and are supposed to handle matters discretely... Publicly posting matters and stirring the pot.... *shrugs*

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Tony C, regardless of if you agree with someone, wishing their early demise is unkind.


Newzed is pushing for the vendor to do better by the community. Fact of the matter is that if you take a step back this whole situation did appear sketchy. Offer an unknown brand of LSD to a LSD hungry market. Compare it even off handedly to Phantom Grip and Traction Concepts which both promised the same thing and that was an absolute gimmick.


The main reason that this appears so sketchy is easy, exlifesave it is you.


First this was skirting around forum rules. You are not allowed to setup a group buy for things that do not exist or setup group buys for future development. It seems you just skated around this one, the last person to do this is painfully apparent to anyone on this forum from the Senza incident.


Second is the odd punctuation and sentence structure. It seems odd as NewZed pointed out.


Third you did things and followed in the exact freaking footsteps of another common scam that was circulating not too long ago. Opening a website for people to order through after posting a group buy is step one. Posting a price below retail is two. Silence is step three. This used to be rampant where factories would hire people to shotgun forums to sell bespoke coilovers and supercharger/turbo kits only to sell crap products before folding if even shipping anything out at all. They would offer a group buy to gauge interest, make a web page with the listed product that was very simple in construction usually with one or two items, then privately set up deals and get transactions going in. They would even make new accounts and rave about the products. Best case scenario the parts were ill matched, ill performing, ill fitting. Worst case scenario they disappeared after they got a few payments. Those are the reasons that this appeared sketchy, and still send of signals when I re-read the first page.


With that said, it turns out maybe you are a younger individual, didn't care too much about sentence structure, accidentally followed in the very likeness of another scam and other coincidences which seem hard to believe, but appear to be the case. For that I do thank you for bringing another option to the market. If your intention is to continue to sell these, I would suggest two things.


Make a feedback thread. Have people post their results, their installs etc. Have a place where people can ask those that have installed how they feel, how well they lock up etc, the BC coilover one was instrumental in what I ended up buying. Chris's experiences and info will most likely be invaluable for those who run into similar problems or need to order different shims.


Second make a vendors thread. Not being able to post a price below MSRP is understandable. Simply post the previous price which you seem able to post $900 shipped and a "PM for temporary sale price/special forum price" note would probably do the trick. Also lose the bit comparing it to the phantom grip or traction concept "LSDs." Even naming those in the same league as a real LSD degrades your product. Also ask Mfactory a few questions. Many if not most people who visit this forum are technically apt. What makes this better the OBX? You said stronger, better, quality, those are intangible words. What material are the pieces made from, what grade steel, hardening technique, what is the QC involved seems like Chris got one with the some pieces misaligned is that common? We know that this is made in taiwan which is only a stones throw from china where most of OBX stuff is made (actually from memory OBX makes components in taiwan too) so getting technical is your best bet, be a good salesman for the brand and product.

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Seattlejester I appreciate the way you replied to this thread. I am going to take your advice and post another thread in the venders section. In that vendor section I will have the link to the manufacting process (as I also have linked in this thread). I'm going to have a link to this thread in the vender thread just because there is already feedback here and everyone can see the history of the differential being developed. I don't want to start a feedback thread, doesn't seem right. If someone else that has purchased one likes it that much they will review it themselfs.

As far as you still talking about this being sketchy, I'm confused as to why? Don't you think if anyone on here had problems they would have said something by now? Why is this all the sudden being sketchy after all these sales? And as far as Chris getting a differential with the thrush washers misaligned. We have already asked MFactory about that and how often it happens, they responded as hardly ever. They were extremely apologetic that it happened early in this product development. They offered chris to send it back to them and they would make it right and they told him how to fix it himself if he wanted too. (Which he chose to do it himself)

As I've mention before this is something my dad (Chip) and me (Nick) have always dreamed of. Having a small business doing retail and doing fabrication to vehicles. 66 and 27 as for whatever reason age makes a difference? My website isn't completed yet, anyone that orders from us doesn't use the website. They send me the shipping address and their PayPal email then I send them a payment request.

As far as grammar and punctuation, maybe I get to excited or caught up in the moment and don't proof read my post before posting them. Or maybe I need to go take another course in English, but facts are facts. Everyone that has paid for one has received them fast. Everyone hasnt had a problem except for chris to my knownledge, And that problem was fixed quickly.

I hope that this clears up any confusion that anyone has. I want to take this time to thank everyone that has participated and the kind words of encouragement in helping make this differential available.

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Appreciate your professional response. I would be happy to elaborate.


FYI any fool would know these will most likely fit in any R200 short or long given that you can take the center out of a short nose and put it in a long nose like say a cusco or a kaaz from an early S13 into a long nose from a 280z. The main thing your LSD offers that is nice is the dual pattern and a confirmation the stock input shafts fit. Those of us who have tried actually know you can pretty much run any center section you want from a 200mm ring gear in any differential, the two things to consider are the spline pattern inside and the ring gear bolt diameter which can be changed via a bushing. 


^That is an example of just ever so slightly skirting the forum rules (#6 spreading false info and #12 personal attack). Technically addressing a question raised earlier in your thread, also in the guise of informative, but also bad form since it is an indirect insult and that can stop some from pulling the trigger now as it raises questions as to if they feel more comfortable going with a company that is very very well known like cusco or kaaz over a smaller company like mfactory. Feels a bit wrong doesn't it? 


In reality as NewZed has seemed to have found the center sections even though they have the same spline count can be slightly different diameter so that statement above may not be as universal. Although he and I disagree on the differential in question for the moment with some more testing being done. It is not 100% verified, but I attack your product with it as well as name call and I don't offer numbers or facts to back it up. That is how your thread started, technically skirting the vendor rules for group buys. 


So as mentioned, it is the first post/page that kind of threw off some warning signs as listed and both even being there. Warning signs that people who have been around for a while kind of notice. The Senza thing is still pretty fresh in my mind at least, so it wouldn't for others to be odd to be on guard for any little signs. As pointed out above it turns out a lot of things just happened to be coincidence. It has been shown by several people that the product was received and working well and the number of people who have vouched for you in a relatively short amount of time is testament to your conscientious effort on your part. Kudos to you for that.


The narrative approach is something more familiar to younger individuals myself included. It is not a fault, and it is quite easy to get caught up in the narrative. It is also a fair trademark of those younger individuals hired by companies trying to shotgun products. Probably because they are in our same age group.


Fact of the matter is there really is no need to tell us a factory LSD is hard to source, or that the alternatives are expensive, we are all painfully aware! When listing comparisons data is almost required. Frankly a post with the important facts first followed by some explanation would probably serve you best.


Quick example...


Title: MFactory Helical LSD


Quick intro: Hello, I am bringing to the community a new option in choosing a helical limited slip center section for the long nose R200.


Helical style LSD


Price: $900 shipped (please pm for limited forum price!), currently sending quotes through paypal and fulfilling shipping with ____.




Additional info: some narrative here is perfectly appreciated, here you would talk about comparisons to other helical LSD's and maybe the company with some facts, maybe address some concerns you think people may have


  • like US based customer service
  • assembled in taiwan: double quality checked!
  • better QC then OBX (no stripping on the bolts, no extra material or shavings, no need to buy aftermarket washer pack)
  • double tempered high strength XXXX steel
  • dual ring gear diameters for early and later datsun/nissan R200 differentials
  • specially tapered and machined bolts
  • break away torque ____
  • laser refracted diamond coated goat teeth imbedded dust (10,000 additional tensile strength)

Maybe some additional info for those who bought it like

  • what oil to use
  • list of shims to set lash
  • installation/removal tips/advice
  • your customer service contact info
  • mfactory's customer service contact info

That last part shows your familiarity with the product and answers any questions that might arise.


Anyone who has worked retail or sold something will kind of know the setup, common questions people have etc and make sure to post it, the fact that something like this was lacking in the beginning raises some people's flag.

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New vendor thread added here.


Well done. Talk about listening to the constructive criticism and reacting in a positive way. 


Can't wait to get my Mfactory LSD installed.... Or more accurately my car completed to a level where it needs a diff at all, that will be cool. 

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