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Contemplating a 240z 2jzgte swap (whats the cost?)


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Hey I have a 1970 datsun 240z and I've been thinking about a 2jz conversion for a while now, due to some recent circumstances I've really started to think about the swap very seriously. I was wondering how much it would cost to get everything I need for the build, wiring harness, mounts, engine, drivetrain, ect. I realize that cost depends on a lot of things but I was hoping to get some estimates, I plan on getting brakes/ suspension/strut braces already so you can subtract that from total cost. Something else I may have to consider is taking it to a shop as i don't have room to work on it where I live and I cant say they would even let me.


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


My estimate:

engines $2,500-3,000

350z trans $400-700

engine mounts $300

plug 'n' play wiring harness $799

BC coilovers $1,200

strut braces $240

wilwood stages 3's $2,000

350z trans adapter plate $400

exhaust (?)

differential (?) 

driveshaft (?)


Total: $8,990-9,790 no tax... $9,889-10,769 after adding 10% for tax.



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A little off subject but as compared to lets say an LS3 low miles $7-8k for engine trans $2-3K mounts, drive shaft, headers etc. 2-3ish for Labor. Kinda puts you in the same price range.Thats just what I have seen/ read. 

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John is right set aside between 10-12k.


First start off with a good set of brakes and suspension. The swap (im still in the process of collecting parts) itself is straight forward and simple. I used the 350z 6sp which was very expensive initially but is cheap if ever in need of replacement.


Diff and axles are pricey but get the rear end dialed in will save you money in the end. 2j is very powerful expect to brake lots of components especially if you buy the cheap crap. Wiring specialties has a nice plug and play system for cheap.


I went with an na to turbo motor from a 94 non-turbo supra. I find it easier to source a good na motor for cheap and since youre going to build them anyway it saves some money but not much. 


My friend did the same swap with most of the parts im using and its a very fast and fun car. Hes upping the boost and aiming for 600hp with just a tune, proper sized turbo, cams, and exhaust. They are almost too easy to get more than 500hp. Im trying to stay in the 350-400hp range.


Also dont forget about bracing the car, all the torque will twist the chassis.

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I think this thread had a good discussion, both on the conservative and on the very thrifty side. 




Sound numbers above. My 0.02, I'm a bit more conservative so I would say budget 15k, 20k if you are handing it off to a shop, and then hope for savings, but don't depend on it.


Don't forget an upgraded diff, axles, stub axles etc. The more power you put through these, it seems like each rear driveline component starts to fall apart.

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Thanks for the input.


I was looking around and I found a couple engines+trans for around $2,500-3,000, pre built mounts+driveshaft for $1,750, and plug 'n' play wiring harness for $799.

Altogether that's roughly $5,050, now including the BC coilovers ($1,200), strut braces ($240) and wilwood stages 3's ($2,000) that's about $8,490-8,990 no tax... $9,339-9,889 after adding 10% for tax.


If I'm missing anything let me know or if you guys have any suggestions that might cut the cost without performance loss.



Do I need stage 3 breaks or would stage 2 work, I wanna make this car a drifter primarily with the occasional run down the drag for fun. 

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You forgot exhaust, spare money for odds and ends, differential(for when your current one blows, tires, etc... the list goes on and on....

I'm not to sure how much getting an exhaust would be but I have a friend who could get me a hook up, I suppose I would probably want to plum an intake so thats another couple hundred. As for the differential I'll have to see what options I have... anyone know any good/easy ones to put in? like could I slide a 280zx Turbo differential into the car easily? 

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I think your engine and trans prices are a little off. If you are planning on buying a 2jzgte from an engine importer, it will most lekely be from an Aristo with a front sump oil pan and an automatic trans and usually start at around $2600ish -3k with the 30 day start up warranty. If you plan on using the Tech2 mounting kit you will need to get a rear sump oil pan from an sc300 either on ebay, craigslist or local junk yard = ??? $$$. You will either be faced with sourcing an R154 trans ( average market value $800 low end to $1200 high) when and if you come across one, or $5000 + for the Getrag 6 speed, or other 350z with custom adaptor mount = ?? $$.If you use the R154 trans you will need a 1/2 jz bellhousing $300-350. The clutch will be another expense. After buying the engine will you replace any of the few failure prone compnents, (timing belt tensioner bracket, timing gear, oil pump)??

or in general preventative part replacement as in timing belt, water pump, etc...

I took the approach of changing the oil/water pumps, new kevlar timing belt, billet alum pullies, ARP head studs, gaskets,o-rings and all the other failure prone parts which added a few thousand more to the cost.

Are you planning on running the stock twins or converting to a single turbo as the exhaust manifold is cheap with questionable quality and durability or at best starting around $850 for Drift motion's and going up way more for other options. The single turbo depending on journal bearing or dual ball bearing will be another cost. Don't forget about venting the engine with a catch can either bought as a kit or home built which either way will have a cost as well.

My suggestion would be to dig through some of the major companies to get an idea of prices of components such as ( Titan motorsports, Driftmotion, Powerhouse racing, Supra store, Doc racing etc...) I am by no way trying to discourage you, but rather mention as others here already have as to how quickly the bill can rise.

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Didn't have enough time to finish my thoughts before heading out the door to work this morning.

If you are planning on going with a single turbo set up and upping power or using alternative fuel, keep in mind the stock (US) injectors are 550 side feed, low impendance with the stock computer. I am not sure the availability of higher cc, low impendance injectors, but there are plenty of high impendance options which will require by passing the stock oem resister pack if you don't plan on running an aftermarket stand alone ecu.  

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Didn't have enough time to finish my thoughts before heading out the door to work this morning.

If you are planning on going with a single turbo set up and upping power or using alternative fuel, keep in mind the stock (US) injectors are 550 side feed, low impendance with the stock computer. I am not sure the availability of higher cc, low impendance injectors, but there are plenty of high impendance options which will require by passing the stock oem resister pack if you don't plan on running an aftermarket stand alone ecu.  

I just want to get a 2JZ in the car right now, really would like to have it be as easy as possible as i don't have a legitimate gurage to work in (I'm in condos). You mentioned something about the difference in engine mounts and having to switch out the oil pan, I was wondering what it was exactly as I would rather just bolt it in.


This the tech 2 your talking about? http://shop.1jzgteswap.com/240Z-280Z-1JZ-2JZ-SWAP-KIT-DAT-001.htm

with this being the other style http://www.cxracing.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CXR&Product_Code=ESK-2JZ-240Z&Category_Code=DAS2JZGTE

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That is Tech2's incorrect picture they use to represent the S30 kit, (trans mount is different). I spoke with Carlos about the incorrect photo used as well as no photos representing their radiators and inter coolers, but I don't see any movement on their part to work on their website. I will include this thread with proper pictures of the correct kit. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/121940-1jz-gte-swap-kit-tech2/


Their kit uses a secondary cross member which requires the rear sump oil pan. I am just trying to mention every possible thing for different setups to give you a mostly complete idea of parts needed and costs. Like you my restomod, rebuild has been farmed out for certain parts that I was not able to achieve by either lack of garage, skill or time. I have had little opportunities here and there to do what I can with the build, but mostly had other professionals help along the way. Sorry for a little thread jack here, but if you want to see my loooong build process (http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/94814-nelsonian-240z/page-2) .  

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Yea, you aren't going to be able to do a lot of this in a condo, unless they are real lenient.


As for your goals: 240z make terrible drift cars, they have relatively slow steering, small amounts of angle, lack of power steering, the steering wheel is real big and thin and the seats don't have great bolster or retention, the parking brake tends to not work on these cars given their age, and rear drums stock make it not the greatest. Drag racing and drifting with clutch kicking etc is also going to put a lot of strain and shock on the rear driveline which the 240z has the weakest from the Z family. 


Not to say people don't drift or drag race them, as a starting base they aren't too great, they do have massive engine bays and they are light, but as a base not the best choice. As long as you keep that in mind and plan on addressing those faults....


You have accounted for....




Adapter plate


Wiring Harness


Strut Braces


Exhaust (250-400 locally)

Differential (200 or so for an r200 differential, 500-1600 for an LSD)

Drive shaft (300 or so locally)



You have not mentioned...

Fuel pump (a carb pump will not feed an EFI system very well at all)

Fuel lines (stock will be woefully inadequate)

Fuel tank (if it isn't already consumed with rust, it will be inadequate baffling for drifting, lots of fuel starvation)

In lieu of a full on fuel cell you could run a swirl pot, which would mean even more fuel lines and another fuel pump etc.

Blow off valve

Intercooler piping

Silicone couplers



New radiator

New radiator lines 

Radiator fan

Radiator shroud

Fan controller


Fittings for fuel lines


Pressure plate


Gauges, you can spend over 1k here easy.


And if you can't do this at home, this is going to cost a lot in installation, you should budget quite a bit for labor depending on who you hire. Local shop wanted 2500 to have a 2jz mounted if I supplied all the parts, this did not include wiring, base tune, first start up etc, just 2500 to put the motor in the car and take the old motor out. 


I would start shopping around for a shop, make it clear that you don't want to start yet, but ask them for a general quote and if they are familiar with swaps and such, should be able to get a baseline that way.



If you just want a 2jz in the car, you can find a wrecked is250 or is300 and take the engine and trans from one of them and put the NA motor in and boost it at a later date, the trans won't hold a lot of power and blah blah, but if you want a 2jz in the car, that is the easiest, cheapest way of doing it, you could recycle the gauge cluster and stuff as well. If money is no problem, then it is as easy as handing your car over to a shop telling them what you want, and writing them a blank check. 

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1jzgte proven numbers. As I am just about done now.


1jzgte with r154 trans $3100 shipped

Drift motion extended shifter $270

Drift motion serpentine belt kit $40

Drift motion timing belt kit $160

Rebuild/overhaul trans $500 local shop

Driveshaft $380 local shop

Cxracing mounts (modified to set back further away) $299

Walbro 255 in line pump $90 shipped

U shape fitting $8.00 shipped 10an

45degree 2.5in coupler $11 shipped

1992 supra slave cylinder $37

1992 supra steel Braided Clutch line $34 shipped

Wirring specialities harness $850

Boost gauge 52mm $58.00

Water gauge 52mm $78.00

Cxracing fmic 28 inch $168.00

Cxracing aluminum pipe kit $98

Alu loom for turbo drains $12.00

3/4 high heat hose $34.00

3/8 fuel hose roll of it $20.00

Cxracing downpipe $145

Turbo oil drains $100

Modified shifter to lose bend $?

Radaitor (reused my Griffen radaitor) $?

Wire loom 3/4 and 1/2 $50

240sx throttle cable $45

240sx throttle pedal $50


Stuff idk prices of:

Fabrication of 280z to 240sx pedal $?

Fabrication of throttle cable bracket $?

Used some random 3/4 steel pipe from a sr20det $?

Nice clutch $? Traded for mine

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