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@softopz ended up making 300whp and torque was at 280, that was at 6500rpm. I was limited due to my fuel system, it'll be one of the next things upgraded.   @Ereschkigal @seattlejester thank

started knocking out the driver side front wheel well. I wanted to try this peice as one entire sheet of steel I quickly learned Im a jabroni when it comes to sheet metal shaping 😅. I ended up dividin

I had thought about tossing a tube in there but ended up not doing it just because I havent had time to run to any metal supplier and with the current situation they're typically closed before I'm don

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Work has slowed down abit so currently have my sundays back! Got started on the front fender. Did a quick mock up with tape and installed my new turn signal then started laying out some lines on some sheet metal. The plan is to try to have the front fender blend back into the orginal fender and the door, fingers crossed i dont have the remake this peice a whole bunch of times. I ended up notching out the one sections for the turn signal and folding the metal back.

After taking another look at it im not to sure I like the cut out section. Might decide to remake it and go for something that feels more fluid.

Thoughts? opinions?



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Okay now I see what your going after. I have come up with a fender vent option for my build that I'm still on the fence about. I had bought a set of used FD3s RX7 fender vents and had them blended into the front Ztrix fiberglass subtle Z fenders. Still trying to get visually used to them, but ultimately want to vent hot under hood air as much as possible.

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