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Exposed's 1jz Build

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Hi everyone, I recently purchased a '72 240z and was able to grab a 1jz out of a soarer with an automatic transmission localy for relatively cheap. With that being said I'll be posting pictures and asking questions as time goes on. So what better time to ask than the present. Pictures will follow shortly.


Has anyone been able to use an automatic transmission on there 240 1jz build, and if so how did you make the connection with the wiring harness? I was hoping to get a complete wiring harness but can't find a supplier who makes them for automatic transmissions.

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Welcome to the forum.


Literally right above your post in the sticky is an excellent outline of someone fitting an automatic in their 240z so someone definitely has done it. I would imagine you just keep the plugs on the transmission and run the stock ecu. You would have to suss out the superfluous items, but to my knowledge a toyota wiring harness is pretty simple if you have it complete, just need the power, ground, and the fuel out. I can't remember if the 1jz was advanced enough to need a wheel speed sensor to determine which gear to shift to.

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Finally got around to taking some pictures. I'll post some pictures of the cut wires on the harness, any info on where they go would be awesome. In the mean time i guess I'll be going through other forums/ build threads and seeing if anyone is in the same boat.






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@DriftBoss, they dont sell any for an automatic and I'd prefer not to mess around with trying to swap something like that from a manual to automatic. I was going to try DrTweak and see if he would do it. On a side note, I was checking out your build and saw you brought your drive shaft to a shop. Did they just extend it for you or did the splines need to be swapped out for something else?



@dexter72, I've gathered a bunch of diagrams from there thanks for the suggestion though.


I was able to find a cheap used engine bay wiring harness for an automatic on ebay for a couple hundred so i snatched that up quickly. When wiring your interior (dash, and all that other fun stuff) is there a main connection typically from your battery to your fuse box then from your fuse box to the other stuff or does it get routed from one of the existing wires from the ecu connection?


The good news is I'm repairing some panels on the existing car where there was rust and I'll be doing a mock up for the motor and transmission mount within the next couple of days.


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Found some time over the weekend to drop the engine and transmission into the car. I had be reading up on different mounts that were for sale (not many I might add) that wouldn't break the bank. I ended up fabricating my motor and transmission mounts and got them welded up. Just a heads up to someone planning a swap like this, it isn't to hard to make your own mounts and it's really cheap even if you have to pay a professional welder to weld everything up for you.




Placed an order on a radiator and an intercooler and now its a waiting game.

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So will I was waiting for the new parts I had order I end up pulling my dash. Bad news is the dash is cracked, luckily its only one small one so I might just reupholster it. I'm currently planning on switching up the existing gauges. The speedo and tach is 5" and the other guages are 2 5/8" or 52mm if I'm not mistaken. I'm not set on any particular brand of gauges as of right now but was thinking of getting something with a dial for my speedo and tach and digital for my other gauges, was thinking of getting something with a white or purple light to it. Does anyone have any recommendations or reviews on products they've used before?




Came in to work today to find my intercooler has finally arrived, the core size is 12.5"x 22"x 3.5". Now im just waiting on my rad and fan which should be coming in tomorrow morning.



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@Greeko, Thanks, and I ended up grabbing the intercooler, rad and fan locally. I'll have to grab the tubing for the intercooler from somewhere else though as no one here seems to carry anything.


I found some time to mount things up recently and tested out some paint in the engine bay.



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Managed to grab some seats locally for $25 a piece. The overall shape of them is ok the drivers seat does have a small tear about 1" big.




I managed to get most of my wiring hooked up just need to know where some plugs go. Anyone have any ideas on what to do for a fuse box and if I'll be needing an interior and exterior one? The 240 never had one when it was purchased.


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