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Exposed's 1jz Build

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Small updates


One of my major milestones on my checklist, the suspension is set up and just about dialed in. (sound off, have the compressor going in the background). Since the video I've trimmed off the remainder of the rear quarter, I was just to excited to see it move.




I ripped the passenger side rear quarter off and I'm going to stretch it out a bit more. Wasnt please with how it looked with the over fenders. I also finally got around to

mocking up the driver side rear quarter. Still need to build out the back end and widen it about another 1inch but really liking the look of the car currently. Did a small clean up as well, I think it was needed...


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Small update, been trying to finish up the driver side rear fender. Have it roughed out but it still needs to be shaped beside the door and the rear of the panel needs to be brought down another 1.5in after that I can finish welding, hammer and dolly,  knock down the welds and then to try to find all of the highs and lows. The panel currently sits past the edge of the rim so that the wheel is tucked in when the car is lowered, I havent decided if I want that or if I would prefer it to be flush.


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4 hours ago, Exposed said:

@AydinZ71 Saw your build its coming along nicely. Can't wait until the rust is all gone. I'm going to need to do some research to see how I'll tube the back.

Given how much you have already cut and rebuilt, you may notice departing from OEM Will free you up to get creative on the routing. One idea is to make a wire model at  1/12 scale. You think some of your ideas through before you do it full-scale. You just need to be super careful on your measurements between body panels. 

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