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MS2 3.0 w/ MS2extra No Spark


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Hello All,

I am working on my Datsun 240z with an l28et swap.

I have successfully wired everything besides the coil and the dizzy with the coil being my next project.

I have installed the Bip and followed the instructions on DIY's site as follows. (everything else is normal wiring)

Remove the jumper from JS10 to IGN or the center hole of Q16 (if exists)
Jumper IGBTIN to JS10
Jumper IGBTOUT to IGN (V3.0 only)
If you do not have a BIP373 transistor in the Q16 slot, install it.

I am in TS trying to run the spark output test and get no spark.

I have the test setup as follows...
-12 volts to coil from relay with 15 amp fuse
- 36 wire to negative
- stock 240z coil (does use ballast resistor normally but am not using it in this test)
- plug wire on coil to spark plug
-spark plug grounded to chassis

I have tried....
- switching output from JS10 to D14 (still confused on this)
- plugging in my megastim and testing spark (LED lights up with either JS10 or D14)
- checked volts on coil in car when doing test at 2ms intervals (8-9 volts)
After more research I have changed the wiring as follows to follow the ms2extra guide...
BIP373 (marked as 30115) needs to be installed in Q16 with a mica insulator.
- Connect a 330R 1/4W resistor between IGBTin and the top of R26.
- Ensure R57 is absent.
- Ensure R43 is fitted or jumped.

I changed the ms2 settings as follows...
- Set Spark A to D14

Spark plug wired the same.
- plug to spark plug ground wire from chassis wrapped around it.

Results are the same.
- getting 9 volts with volt meter on pos to neg of coil when testing as 2ms interval
- getting 12 volts with volt meter on pos of coil and neg on body.

Questions I have...
Which output should I have? JS10 or D14?
Why would I be getting low volts on coil during test? This must have to do with resistance?
Should I be getting 12v with key in start when not in test mode?

Sorry if these questions are stupid. I am still a little confused on some of this and want to make sure I am testing things correctly.

Thanks for you help,



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are you running the DIY trigger wheel it will make a difference in how you set it up. I imagine its not since you are only following those instructions based on stock wheel. Also from what I see IGBTOUT to IGN is not jumpered you need that.


In terms of power at coil you are suppose to get battery voltage at coil positive. Secondly please tell us how your distributor is wired. Thirdly I personally set all my board to JS10 for ignition out ( i dont know why tuner studio recommends d14 spark out) maybe bigger board traces.  

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I've been in contact with Shane. He apparently got it fixed. It was those darned resistor jumper leads. He went back and re-did them with shrink tube, touched up a few solder joints and I think reloaded his Firmware. Anyhoo.. it goes Sparky, Sparky properly now.


Shane and I are scheduled for a Remote Tuning session Sunday morning. 


D14 out seems to be one of those quirks in Tuner Studio that has never been updated. Older  Instructions  used D14 but it's been JS10 for a long time now. Used MS ECU's are " Like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get "

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I would just like to express my thanks for Chickenman's help throughout his whole process of making sure my wiring was correct to getting the car tuned and running. He went above and beyond to help me sort things out (we have over 50 emails back and forth :-) ) and I would recommend his help to anyone who needs a good baseline tune and some help understanding how tuner studio works. After 2 calls with him, my car is running well! I would highly recommend contacting him.

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