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There is no reply button or box

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Maybe you should make that the main screen people see when they get on the site.  Is there nay way we can see that screen. just to monitor ourselves, for fun?

The site looks like it's working but it's actually gone backward since the last time I was on.  Some of the views don't work right, like the Activity screen.  This is from 8:15 pm today.  There's been a lot more activity than shown.


815 pm.PNG

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On 8/31/2017 at 7:11 PM, NewZed said:

It seems to be just that one thread.  It posted four times, so maybe it's whatever app or browser he's using.

I'm having the same problem on this thread:

I can't respond, and the "report" link doesn't respond either.  Was trying to use it to point out that I couldn't respond, not to complain about the post itself, btw.

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