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Building MS2 V3 Board

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Just posting an update and also an issue 😑.


"Had" the car running on the build from this thread but also added PWM IAC (TIP120) to the board as well, which was amazing for idle tuning. 


Car was running on the board build for the past 4 months and I finally got my water/meth installed and was starting to tune for boost with the HY35 turbo setup. 


Now out of no where I am getting a really weak spark from the coil to distributor.  Color is orange and blue sometimes, very erratic, super weak(have to hold it really tight to a ground), and will not travel to a spark plug end. 


I checked the coil resistance and that checked out.  I also used the test mode in tuner studio and it fires the coil but the spark is super weak.  I also put a test light on the neg coil while testing and it doesn't dim on/off, reading the volts they drop but does not fully ground out.


Thoughts may be the bip373?  Is there a way to check if it is fully functional (ohms reading).  I thought they were pretty  bulletproof?  I read a bunch of threads also about it grounding out on the heatsink. I pulled off the bip373 and double checked for burs. It is mica insulated with the metal screw and insert.  


I ordered another bip373 already assuming that may be the issue. Any thoughts or advice moving forward?

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Does anyone happen to know about running LSx(1) coils, logical spark. 

I have read multiple threads and I cannot find a definite answer. 


Question is:  Can I run Ls1 Coils, as wasted spark, without the 3 BIP, and run off the dizzy VR sensor?

I believe the answer is yes and I would have to mod the board for logical spark output.  

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Yes. And you don't necessarily need to run wasted spark. Three IC's will give you 6 channels of logical spark (or go MS3X). Fairly easy to wire up in the proto area. Here's another weird thing: you can use a Nissan 6-channel ignitor and Ford 4.6 coils. I paid about $30 for 8 Ford curved boot coils - The Nissan Ignitor runs them well.

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