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Chickenman Remote Tune Service Review


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Chickenman has been helping me tune my l28et running on megasquirt, and i felt compelled to write a review of his services.

I have had MS3 running on my car for over a year now. I purchased a pre-built ECU and pre-made wiring harness  from a forum member that is no longer able to provide support for his product. I don’t mind mechanical projects but I’m still pretty green when it comes to electrical systems, so i figured i would leave this part of the project to professionals. I got the car to run decently with some local help, but parts of the install and initial setup were incorrect and i had a few preexisting electrical issues. This winter i upgraded the turbo, injectors and needed to retune MS. I was interested in knowing more about how the MS system worked and to feel more comfortable working with it, so i reached out on HBZ for some help. Chickenman PM’d me and offered his remote running services at a VERY reasonable price. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but i figured if i learned anything from the experience it would be worth it. It was very worth it.


Chickenman set me up with some pre-tune instructions and setup, the we setup a few hours for him to remotely control my laptop hooked up to the ECU for tuning. The tune i had previously done ran well but was masking all sorts of mechanical and electrical issues. Chickenman, did not let me keep these issues on my car and patiently instructed me on diagnosing and fixing them! I would have never expected so much patience and interest in seeing the project done right. By the end of the first running session we had a decent idle, a drive able VE table, working autotune and a list of miscellaneous  small issues to fix. Chickenman provided email support through the next few weeks helping me diagnose and fix most of the remaining issues. I sent him updated auto tunes, data logs, driving notes and he made edits to my tune. My car runs smother and faster than before, I also learned a lot about automotive electrical systems and MS. I feel much more confident and organized about my project and can’t recommend Chickenman’s services enough. While his services are all remote, i believe my car is running better in less time than it would have if i had taken it to someone local. I live in Detroit, and finding someone to tune an old foreign car on a lesser know ECU is hard and expensive. I could now take the car in its current state to  dyno tune timing and would save a lot of money and time.


Chickenman is professional, knowledgeable, patient, helpful and is excellent at communicating and teaching. If you are thinking about setting up MS and haven’t done it before, hire him. He will save you time, headache and you will probably learn something useful.


I highly recommend his services 10/10!

Thanks Chickenman :2thumbs:

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Hey Chickenman i have read a few posts about your remote tuning, i recently purchased a 1978 datsun 280z running on an ms2. Funny story i happened to stumble upon a post about this exact car from february 2018. it currently barely runs on its current tune. I Paid for tunerstudio ultra and have played around with it a little bit as weather permits. Please shoot me an email to discuss further if interested.



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