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$100 Chinese Ebay Turbo - T3/T04E


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Hey everyone, so I did a thing.

I just ordered one of these turbos on Ebay over the weekend when there was a 15% discount. So it was normally $118.

The turbo is a knock-off / no-name /copy sold  by "racingpartswarehouse". Delivery expected by Jan 8th, so I'm pretty sure it's shipping from the US. (CA according to Ebay)


I've just got a stock 280ZXT turbo on my motor right now, so this will be a good upgrade and hopefully run a long time :) I'll make sure and report back once I get it and once I get it installed and running. Plan on running up to 15psi for now. I think that's about where I'll start maxing out my 440cc injectors, hoping for a decent 300-350hp or so. The specs look really good size-wise to match up with an L28. Not too small and not crazy big either. Comparable to other T3/T04s or a GT30 sized turbo with 76mm compressor exducer. I've got my fingers crossed that it all looks and works fine. I'll be verifying the specs and inspecting everything when I receive it. Any suggestions on specific things to look for?


Here are the specs as listed:

T3/T04E (Journal Bearing / Oil Cooled / Internal Wastegate / V-band exhaust)


Inducer: 50.5mm

Exducer: 76mm

Trim: 55

A/R: 0.5


Inducer: 65.5mm

Exducer: 55.9mm

Trim: 73

A/R: 0.63




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I've been running one for several months (and a similar non-V-Band T04E for a couple of years before this one (it still works fine, wanted to reconfigure my exhaust and thought it was a good time to switch to V-Band)).  Love the V-Band.  Boosting to a Bar and it does very well.  I daily drive my car and have taken several trips up in the the AZ mountains with sustained boost.  It's been working far better than the price would suggest.

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These and similar "Chinacracker" where often use as Upgrades for 200SX/Skylines and a lot of Honda Guys throw them on. I use one of them in the next weeks for my Honda Torneo Build. They're Ok for the money. If they last for 1-2 Years you can Buy a lot of them for the price of one from a named brand. I would not use on If I need the car daily to get to work and there is no other car available :D 

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I was just playing around plotting (estimated) L28 air flow on T04E compressor maps

50 trim - 46lb/min (up to 420hp)

54 trim - 44lb/min (up to 400hp)

57 trim - 50lb/min (up to 460hp)


The Ebay turbo that I got doesn't seem to have any compressor maps available, I just figured one of these would be close to the 55 trim Ebay turbo.




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I bought too for my last build a gt3582 clone was amazing! Mind you I did not put allot of miles but plenty of people run them with no issues. You have to remember when Chinese Turbos first came out on the scene they used inferior materials and they never got balanced. The tarnished history takes allot to get back in the win colum however its still Chinese turbos you get what you get at the end of the day. There are some "better" chinese turbos apparently like CX and VS racing. Lots of the sloppy mechanics followers use the VS racing turbos 700-1000hp junkyard LSX setups too.

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