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Large Flare Sizing and vendors

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Searching for good fitting ZG flares to fit 275 front and 315 rear tires.  Currently looking into purchasing the wheels after mocking up the suspension up to appropriately size offset of 9.5" front and 11" rear wheels.


Searching here and around the web reveals plenty of builds with these size tires but flare sizing and brand is not clearly mentioned.


Retro Spec has a wide ZG set at 3.25" and 3.75" front and rear.  However, many members caution dealing with Retro Spec as of lately.


Margugen Shoukai are quality and the thickest "Special" model are recommended.  However, it's unclear if they made a wide version to fit above wheel/tire.  Jesse at jesse@jessestreeter.com will ask MS and get back to me.


Has anyone dealt with https://jdmfenderflares.com/


Any other info and leads on good fitting flares?





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Right, I saw that too.  Just can't find any info the actual size of the "deluxe" type.


And more confusion is that Jesse got back to me saying after contacting MG they offer 1" ZG flares.  I detailed in email to Jesse wanting a large size for the 275 and 315 tire and that was the response.  Lost in translation?


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I'm sure you saw on rhdjapan site that they offer the wide rear flares, but only in standard type.  They list the width at 5cm over stock.  I would assume this is true for the deluxe version as well, but they don't make it easy to find the information out. https://www.rhdjapan.com/marugen-shoukai-rear-extra-wide-over-fenders-s30-s31.html

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5cm would be too small I think.


MiKelly used RetroSpec flares.  He said they were 3.5" wide rear with 315 in his build thread so thinking I need at least that much clearance.  The RS web page says their flares are 3.25" front and 3.75" rear so some conflicting info there too.   The "InZanity" 240Z build used 315 on 11x18 rear as well but can't find what brand he used or where sourced.  Getting good fitting flares in this size maybe a challenge.  The search continues...

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Agree on the "Works" style flares, that's what I'm using, on my car.




They are designed for a short style tire, not modern 24.5/25.5", you will have trouble fitting the diameter, even if the width isn't a problem. I know I am! Streeter should be able to order you the Works style fenders. 


These also won't work without modification on the front of a standard car, they are designed to be paired with the G-nose front end. 

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Purchased a set of Jendoza flares and initial fitment looks good, hugs the body contour nicely.  The over all width is 2" front and 3" rear when measuring the flare its self.  Installed on car the added width over stock fender flare is approximately 1" front and 1.5" rear.  Don't know if I would like using a larger flare, this size seems about right. 


What I have found, both front and rear, the limiting factor of positive offset of wheels is the coil over threaded spring seat interference.  The front has 11.75" and rear has 11"  from spring seat to Jendoza flare lip.  Curious that the front has a bit more room under fender than rear, must be result of different track widths.  I have the camber and ride settings loosely dialed in close final measurements.  The car is still on stands.


Considering ditching the 315 rear tire, no way will it fit with the Jendoza flare.  Thinking of running a square 275 on all four corners with 10" wheel.  Added plus would be ability to rotate tires. Need to check if one offset size will work front and rear.  Since the rear has smaller offset that would necessitate using a wheel spacer on rear. 



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