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Yo, I have an R200LN on my 280z im swapping a vq37 into it.

I haven't opened it up to see what the ratio is, or the condition. Either way I would like to rebuild it, or swap it out all together. 

what rebuild kit would you recommend and if you can attach a link. 

I've never rebuilt a diff so any tech sheets/link into rebuilding a R200 floating around? 

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With the VQ37, you will be running what? Near 300ft-lbs of torque? You should make getting an LSD a priority. With that much torque you will just be spinning one wheel. Even with an LSD, keeping traction will be a struggle. You can swap the open diff spider gear with an LSD assembly from MFactory, Kaaz, quaif etc. I believe top-of-the-line is adjustable clutch OS Giken, but I think they are near $2,000. 

if you want to swap it out entirely and go with something bulletproof, look into “invincible extremes”. He sells parts for swapping in a mustang GT diff, axles, and hubs. 

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16 hours ago, NewZed said:

I've never seen a kit.  This guy, below, has parts you might need.  They're pretty durable and don't often even need rebuilding.  The Factory Service Manual has a section on rebuilding the diff.



agreed. If you keep the diff from going dry, I have not yet experienced ring-pinion combo wear out just from normal use. I have crushed spider gears by getting on/off the gas too harshly with a worn-out diff mount.


I ran dry once as a silly kid who forgot to fill the case. Stank to all hell, and got so hot the paint on the diff burned off. It was toast. 

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I’m gonna 2nd what @AydinZ71 said above about getting a LSD. The R200 itself can handle the VQ torque (the 370Z/G37 have a more modern version of the R200). It’s your Half-shafts that you need to be worried about. Techno Toy Tuning has great, but pricey, rear suspension setups that use a R200/230 or a Ford 8.8 complete with CV axles. The kit by @Invincibleextremes changes the entire rear suspension to use regularly available of the shelf parts from mustangs and neons with a Ford 8.8. And Apex Engineered has a whole subframe that allows for R200/230 and Ford 8.8 (I’m going with Apex, and they are also finishing up a front cross member with VQ mounts). All these option convert to CV axles with backing plated hubs that will keep the tire on the vehicle should one snap.

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