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Front wiper delete

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Has anyone not run front wipers, and if so, did you plug the holes in the cowl?  I won't purposefully drive in the rain, and I plan to put Rain-X on the windshield in case I get caught in the rain.  

I wouldn't mind losing the weight of the wiper motor and assembly, and don't see a reason to keep everything when I'm likely not going to use them at all.  I also have a muscle car that I've had for years and have probably run the wipers twice in the last 10 years.


I think it might look funny just leaving the holes in the cowl open.




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Those holes are really quite easy to weld shut if you have already committed to re-painting the cowl cover. Otherwise, the easiest and most convenient thing to do is measure the hole opening and buy a rubber flush plug, like all the other spots on the unibody. 


Weld or no-weld, it will be difficult to get a true delete (like it was never there) without refinishing the whole cover. Color-matching, filler work, etc. 


The piece is small enough to have sent-out for media blasting. 

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Measure the diameter of the shaft, go to the hardware store, and find a cap that fits and looks good.  There are a variety, metal and plastic.




Or find a metal acorn nut and glue it on.





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You can attach the wipers or just the posts without needing everything else hooked up.  Personally, I'd 3D print a piece that pops into the hole.  Counter point is how do you clean stuff off your windshield while driving?  Or am I the only guy that hits bugs that splatter to the size if a small saucer?  

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