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Dual Turbo Q45 V8 Swap Completed

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After a year or more of waiting I have just received first preview photos from a Z customizer in Japan of his recently completed DUAL Turbo, dual intercooler Q45 V8 engine swap into a 240Z. He's also installed an unusual rear quarter flare that looks similar to a certain Porsche model. All is painted dark blue set off by big (17"+?) 5 spoke modular silver wheels. To my awareness, this the first performance oriented Q45 V8 engine swap ever attempted or completed.


The newest photos of this completed swap definitly show a lot of custom welded aluminum and stainless steel fabrication and duct work like you probably have not seen on any other custom V8 Z to date.


Because the owner does not write English well, I have little other facts to share at the moment, but my Japanese translator buddies will try to get the whole write up from the owner and assembled for publication on my website as soon as possible.


Note. To see earlier photos of this same dual turbo engine in process of installation, that I received from owner last year, go to URL listed below at my ZPARTS.COM website




Photos received today are not the best of quality and need to be cleaned up a bit in Photoshop while I wait for better ones, but I could put up a few soon if any one is strongly interested?



Yes or No?


Sleek Z

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Man, Tim, you certainly are "a Johnny on the Spot" on this topic! I just posted my question about 3 minutes ago and you already have your hand waving in the air! You sure you don't just live here 24/7?


Seriously though, I did expected you and some "others" that I know at HybridZ to be quick on the "Yes" vote.


Too my embarassment I am horribly behind on getting my photo display of HeavyZ' beautiful black V8 Z published, but maybe he will forgive me a wee bit if I take a moment to schelp a few of these new photos up onto my website tonight or by tomorrow.



Sleek Z

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OK Gang & Tim, curiousity got the better of me also. I wanted to see how successful I could be in cleaning up the heavy yellow over cast lighting on the engine pics, and wah lah!, first edit is a beaut! Go to the Featured Project Index at ZPARTS.COM




and you'll find the Q45 V8 project intro and links to the first very dramatic engine swap photo of the dual turbo Q45 V8 car. More to follow soon.


Who's gonna be next to do one of these............in the States?


Sleek Z

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I'll do my best. Big problem is time to clean up the photos. There's about 10 interesting ones worth putting together as "First Looks" display, but most have a bad yellow cast all over them from indoor lighting, something that does not mix well with dark blue paint on the car. Sorry to say the shots of the interior suffer from accute camera shake, but even blurry, it is obvious that the interior is about as trick inside as the engine is. If one rear quarter fender flare shot cleans up well, I think many will find it's unusual style on an S30 body rather intriquing as well.


Also, there some decent underneath shots showing the big, custom designed dual exhaust system on the car. You might say that this Z car is "DUAL Everything".


I have Z buddies in the States and Japan that have offered to interview the owner for me so we all can get a full over view of what this relatively young Japanese enthusiast accomplished with his project.


Hang in there and I will try to do my best to get more up tonight.


PS. While you all are waiting, I think it would be great if many could send me questions that they would like me to ask this Japanese customizer when I have my friends interview him.


......... Sleek Z

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OK, Gang, I put up 4 more pics of the dual turbo, Q45 V8 car tonight. Link to page with 4 thumbnail image links at bottom is at




This time you get to see a bit more of the outside of the car. More tomorrow night after work and while I am watching Letterman.


chou for now


Sleek Z

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