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Datsun Patches

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Well, as of today, all but two people have read thier PM's regarding this group buy. Out of them, 9 people still need to pay, and give me thier mailing information.


If you are not interested in the patches anymore, PLEASE let me know! :wink:


If anyone backs out, I'll let you guys know there are more available.

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The HybridZ Patches aren't a go yet still waiting the here back from the embroidery shop.   Tyson

Wow' date=' that was quick! :2thumbs: to USPS


I still need to get myself a Dickies jacket (JC Penny's?) and some matching red and blue thread for the sewing machine.


titanium, you have a PM.[/quote']


when you get your jacket, make sure you get the quilted liner. I've had mine for about 4 years now and i wear it to school and to work every day between 35 and 60(about 6 months) has held up great!

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I might have one large one for you. People have taken my extra ones and the ones that people backed out of. There is only one guy that has not responed to my PM. If he backs out, you are next in line.


All that have contacted me after 1/9 will have thier patches sent out tommorow.

I tell ya guys... I screwed myself on this one. I completely forgot about Paypal fees. 95% of you paid with Paypal and the fee's killed this group buy for me. There is a half a dozen guys that paid WAY more then they should have, and I am very gratefull for that... you know who you are :-D Thanks. But still it wasn't enough for me to break even. But that's okay, live and learn.


So, if these Hybrid Z patches work out, I'm going to up the price at the very least $1.75 per patch just to cover Paypal fee's, postage (which USPS upped now) and for some decent envelopes.

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