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Datsun Patches

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Okay Figured I'd start a group buy thread for the Datsun Patches.




(picture credit to Lunar240z)


The large Datsun for the BACK of A jacket is 10" X 7" $16.00


The small Datsun for FRONT 4.25" X 3" $8.00


Okay this is the way I'm going to set it up.



(quantity wanted) x FRONT

(quantity wanted) x REAR




Also, I'm checking into getting some HybridZ patches made to go along with Datsun patches. Another thing is if there is enough interest I will look into making Datsun HybridZ Jackets. If you are interested in group buy let me know on the forum. If you are interested the Jackets PM about details.



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The HybridZ Patches aren't a go yet still waiting the here back from the embroidery shop.   Tyson

Whoa, you can find a "Lunar" jacket? More information please! I was planning on scouting out a jacket this weekend.


Also, you should make it clear that this group buy is NOT a group buy as of yet. Just that we (Hybrid Z) are getting a feel for the amount of people that want these patches and are going to present them to the manufacturer. Correct? I just don't want to see peoples hopes getting up and find out that this group buy won't go through due to the lack of interest/manufacturer's supplies.


Correct me if I'm wrong please.

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Yes you are right Mat73GNZ. I don't know for sure what you mean by a Lunar Jacket. I'm guessing you are referring to jacket in which Lunar is using for his. It appears to be a basic Dickies Style Jacket, most embroidery shops carry something very similar to this. If there was enough interest or if you wanted me to design the jacket anyway (for a very small fee) I will offer the Jacket in two Colors Black and Navy Blue.


The HybridZ Patch will be color matched to the Datsun Patches color to ensure a good unity between the Patches. Again this is an if there is enough interest I can get several Patches for HybridZ made, and charge little over cost of their creation.



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