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well..i hope that i will be the first on this site to document a mopared Z..


i searched and there wasnt anyone who has done this..i found a picture of a car that was done, but no one on here could claim it as their own. and the car looked rough.


i will be pulling the motor out of my z later this week..I haev a 77 360 that im dropping in :) it will more than likely be stock for right now, just so i can get the fitment right and get the car running..i know there is a lot of work to be done with it, but i am WAY looking forward to it.


Im guessin the motor i have has about 190 HP and about 270 tq..so the car should run pretty good :) thats all stock mind you..stock carb.blah blah..you guys know all the go faster parts..


Wont be a beast by far, but it should be pretty fun for me...I will have LOTS of pictures..so if you care, watch for em.


and if you guys have any suggestions or happen to have a 727 or 904 tranny layin around let me know..ill take it off your hands.


thanks for reading


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Not to discourage you from an awesome project, but BRAAP beat you to the punch.



My friend in Baton Rouge now owns his 77 440Z. If it's his car you saw, let me just say...paint isn't everything.


I believe they used the dodge truck 440 mounts cut down some and the truck 440 oil pan. Other than that, the thing drops right in. Good luck!

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When I first started doing this LT1 swap for my '79, I told my dad. And his first question was, "Why don't you put a Hemi in it". Didn't really have a good excuse. Except for cost. I know you may not neccesarily be talking about a hemi, but whatever. So I'll keep an eye on this project, and send some links to my dad. Good luck with it man.

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My father, Ron Ruschman, is who originally built that RB 440 powered ’77 280-Z. He used a TF 727 trans with a manual shift body, welded R-200 diff, coil overs up front, custom double pass radiator, etc. etc. etc.. Mom told him he couldn’t keep the Big Block Z any more so I ended up with it and being as that is not my first choice for a hybrid Z, I sold it.

Here are just a few pics of that Z while it was in my possession. I have TONS more including detail pics of the engine bay throughout the conversion process, (Dad would send them to me as he progressed.) I would be more than happy to burn them to a CD and mail them to you if you’ll E-mail me at braapZ350@hotmail.com with your mailing address.



Here are some of those pics….


YEE HAAA…. Big Block Torque!!! Manul shift body, power brake in 2nd gear…














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There have been pictures of a yellow Z with a Hemi in it floating around the net for years, but no one ever seemed to know any of the particulars about the car or engine. Pretty sure it wasn't a 426, I always figured it was one of the very early small displacement Hemi's. Hard to tell when there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 different displacements offered back in the 50's.


340 six pack might be a nice..... just makes me remember my first car and hate myself for getting rid of it.:fmad:

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Guest 280ZForce

ha...i'll take a cd as well! lol that thing is bad ***...future 2nd z for me? i know a guy who is a huge mopar head and has tons of mopar parts and motors lying around for his dodge hemi super bee.

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I sent an email to you BRAAP' date=' and again...thank you.






Got it, thanks. I’ll get the CD out to you some time mid to late next week.

Good luck on your Mopar conversion and be sure to keep the Hybrid community abreast of your progress…

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old post i know.....im wondering what diff did you have? im thinking about doing this swap with my dad and im wondering what i should use...


The diff is the stock 3.54 ratio R-200, Lincoln Locker version, (welded spider gears).





What are those tires? I think I can make out "Goodyear" on them, but are they slicks? Or what?


LOL… Those are just some REAL cheesy, old HARD plastic Good Year Eagle street tires. They were Round, Black in color and held air, that is about it….

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