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ARB - anti-roll bar

CG - center of gravity

RS - roll steer

RC - roll center

RCH - roll center height

RA - roll axis

DRC - dynamic roll center

IC - instant center

FT - full throttle

PT - part throttle

WOT - wide open throttle

NRA - neutral roll axis

NSP - neutral steer point

LLT - lateral load transfer

LLTD - lateral load transfer distribution

SLA - short long arm suspension

DR - damping ratio

SR - tire slip ratio

UO - understeer/oversteer

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See, I thought this would be like a blogronym thread. That's what I need, I've figured out so far


FWIW = for what it's worth


What the crap does IMO stand for? LOL


Oh, P.S. LOL = Laugh out loud


lqtm = laugh quietly to myself (more truthful version of lol)


Okay sorry to hijack, please continue... :D


Did you get AAC? I can't remember what it actually stands for, when the engine manual refers to it using a full name, it usually says idle air control or something, odd.

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