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1982 280zx turbo automatic. Currently a project. I have finished the body work, installed the msa body kit 2, whaletail spoiler, enjoku 16" rims with a 4" inset (had to use 38mm spacers to make them fit the front) and I am waiting for my freakin hood to show up from zforce...3 months and waiting...so that the car can go to paint. I am also waiting for the following parts to show up, Black Leather Nismo Racing seats, pallnet fuel rail 14mm O-ring style, N42 intake manifold, and a new dash cover. The plan is to finish up in the looks department, then start on the motor. I will megasquirt it, gt35r turbo, still undecided on which intercooler, and I NEED to find some good 3" or bigger exhaust.....

Neverending project I fear!

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While we are on the topic, I took a look at MSA's offerings for the S130, it has been a while since I visited MSA's store...surprisingly these two hatch spoilers look great...





Your thoughts?



The grey one is not bad but If it was me I rather have the BRE victory spoiler or something similar to it like those small lip spoiler like you see on some the newer cars I think those look clean.



I also like this spoiler comes out further and also comes around.




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I have a 1982 S130 2+2 (Right Hand Drive). It is blue and has the 5 speed manual. It has the targa roof. It is a non turbo (Thats all we got here). It is totally stock except for the headers and suspension. It won 1st place for the best 280zx at the 2005 Nationals. It is in need of a freshen up but is still running and I still use it on the road.

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Well I inheritade my 1980 N/A 280ZX from my dad when he passed away in 1999. The car was in very good condition to begin with. It was in CA all it's life so the only rust on the car was the spare tire storage area(which is gone now and is now the area for the battery). At first I was going to restore it but after surfing the net for performace parts and seeing the infomous "Darius videos" I knew I had to go V8. I started my swap back in late 2002, got it running early 2003, drove it for a year on and off working out bugs(lots of them by the way! LOL), then in 2005 I pulled it off the road to do body work and it hasn't seen the road since.


I just finished up the body work and will be getting my car back from the body shop tommorow actually and I will post pics of before and after(I'll just add them to this post later).


Major Mods....

1993 LT1/T56(with 1995 electronics so I can use TunerCat to tune it)

-ported heads and intake

-58mm TB

-36lbs/hour injectors

-electric water pump

-dual roller timing chain set

-LT4 Hot Cam kit(1.6 RR and LT4 HC)(probably going to go bigger soon)

-custom built drivers side header and block hugger passenger side header

-Fully rebuilt T56 with billet keys and steel 3-4 shift fork


MSA II body kit painted House of Kolor Cobalt Blue with VihnZXT front spoiler mod and custom 3 piece rear spoiler(see body forum for pics and info(you will have to search for posts)).


MSA roll bar, Tokico shocks and lowering springs, MSA big sway bar kit, Konig Monsoon 17x7 rims with BFG KD 225/45/17 tires(I've got some other rims/tires in the works though, so the Konig rim/tire package might for sale soon).


Full Autometer Phantom series gauges which include...Speedo, Tach, Water Temp, A/F gauge(didn't know what else to use to fill a spot at the time(should have used a fuel pressure gauge)), Volt, Oil Pressure, and Fuel Gauge.


I also made projector headlights for my car out of FX35 projectors with 350Z ballist, ignitors, and bulbs!


I think those are the major mods.




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I have a 81 I bought in 2010 to kinda restore. It has many mods and im going for 450-500hp


JWT- 450hp program

ported head with stage 2 cam

T3/T4 turbo .70ar-1.06ar

Meth injection

MSD ignition

Total 3" exhaust

Autometer Gauges

Full poly suspension bushing kit

Total brake system rebuild

New Tokiko shocks/springs

New steering rack

New T-5 mustang tranny with JWT alum flywheel and custom clutch


Getting ready to add a new intake from Lone Wolf. and im done, for now!

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Hey Bling,

I just picked up an '81zx- I'm thinking about putting on spacers on my stock rims for a better look until I pick up some wheels. I think it'll look better sitting flush...



heys guy im new on the site my dad gave me a 82 zx non turbo that i haven't picked up yet. has anyone put spacers on a stock wheels to make em sit more flush with the body?

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