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Sign in if you own an s130!


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Since we get our own forum now lets get a list of s130 owners on this forum. Sign in, post up some pics of your car, specs, whatever.


I'll start off:


1980 280zx n/a. Purchased in March of 05. Daily driven for 6 months, then parked for almost 2 years. Just getting it back out on the road now.


What it looked like the day I brought it home



Older picture, but this is what it looks like today




JSK fuel rail

HID + projector swap

MSA type2 front airdamb (yet to be properly mounted)

Tokico blues + 1" lowering springs

Energy Suspension bushings all around

16x7 Riken wheels

Redone interior in black

CRX-si bucket seats

AZ Zcar aluminum radiator

MSA 3-2-1 headers

2.5" exhaust

130mph speedo

SS brake lines

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Ive got a 280ZX!!! I picked it up in january '04 for FREE from a guy in southern cali (I lived in Pheonix at the time). It had a blown headgasket and was half torn apart when I picked it up. bought a parts car, yadda yadda yadda..... ended up with a maxima N47 head on a flat top block with mild bowl work, port matching on the head and intake, 60MM TB, 2.5" cat back exhaust and Megasquirt N Spark with a 280ZXT dist to do the spark part.


currently, it has a bit of body damage and is awaiting parts instillation and painting. nothing major tho. I have a full set of Apex'i N1 Pro S14 coilovers awaiting modification for install. Its also gonna get a set of poly bushings to tighten it up. this car will also be the first recipient of my frankenstein KA/L 24v head, sitting atop a 3.1L L bottom.


I funno, thats all I have and Im sure Ill get trashed for having a 2+2, lol!!

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Well, it's been in the shop for a year now, and it'll probably be another to finish the body, paint, engine, etc. But it's starting to come together and I cant wait. When I'm done I think it'll be hard for the common passer-by to figure out what it is.







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I have a 1983 280zx. I bought it in 2003 from a guy that had bought it for his daughter. LoL it was all primered and well... lets just say she wasnt "Feelin" the car... I paid him 400 bucks for it and drove it home with the clutch wore out on it.. got it home put in a new clutch it would HAUL. drove it maybe 3 times... max 10 miles in all and it had electrical problems.. wouldnt stay running. SOOOO i did what any young (19) kid would do and started TEARING IT DOWN! So now it had a 383 SBC stroker in it putting down around 400hp to the rear wheels. a 700r4 tranny that is giving me troubles now, and currently NO interior except a seat and steering wheel... COMING SOON ALL OF THIS:

making the custom fiberglass dash with speedglo gauges, console, etc.. new carpet, widebody kit that will keep the zx's lines, front air dam, rear roll pan, possible roll cage, corvette or mustang tail lights, door handle delete, antenna delete, quarter window delete, all kind of goodies.... cant wait to finish it all up and have it on the road. color to paint is undecided. Possible candy blue with a white pearl, or a green pearl with dark green glitter there are some pics of it as it is today, with engine shots etc..

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steeltoad.. i believe we talked about it before, in the thread that my sig pic was photoshopped in... i like your window.. i made a template to totally remove mine... i may add the 06 mustang louvers to it, and make the window the shape of them.. some of the mustang louvers i saw on ebay are NICE but kinda pricey... gives the zx the "fastback mustang" look kinda... our cars are going to look pretty similar when done... i like those flares you got too.. im going to make mine a little more square though.. just out of curiosity where did ya get those flares?

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just out of curiosity where did ya get those flares?


The flares are from black dragon and took some modification, the body kit is MSA type 2. I'm going to put vented screen panels in, so the back wont be windows. The vents are deep enough so I can mount lipstick cameras in the front lip looking back, so I can see in that huge blind spot.

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that is a GREAT idea.. (the cameras) i was FEARING removing the side mirrors AND not being able to see out of the quarters.. the cameras will be almost invisible AND give good visibility. I already was going to add a dvd screen to the center of my dash. possibly mount the screen for the cameras where the sunvisor is... kind of hang down.... or possibly between the two visors.. im going to modify everything in the interior anyway... can make something work.. your car is coming along nicely btw steeltoad


these are the type louvers im debating on... may need some with a deeper gap so i can mount the cameras..


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I have a really really old picture of mine in my sig

but this is what Iv got done on mine so far, even though its not exactly running quite yet:(

-NPR intercooler w/ 2.5inch piping and HKS Blow Off Valve - 4" Downpipe into 3" into Dynomax muffler-MSnSE standalone EMS -Inovative LC1 wideband -Brand new 550cc injectors -MSD 500hp Fuel pump-HKS Metal head gasket-06' Holset HY35 Turbo-Tial 38mm Wastegate...Open:-)-60mm Throttle Body-N-42 Intake manifold… Port matched to TB, runners ported/polished to ports on cylinder head. Powder coated black wrinkle. -BM short shifter -Z31 Limited Slip Differential-Advan Ver.1 Wheels 17x8F 17x9R-Tockico Shocks/Springs -Polyurethane bushings throughout entire car-Boxed A-arms -Cusco Strut bar -New steering components-DAD Racing seats -NRG 4 point harness -Bride steering wheel/MOMO adapter -A-pilliar dual gauge pod -Z Shiftknob/BM shifter-Autometer Boost gauge -Autometer A/F gauge -Autometer 3 3/4" tach w/ shift light -All new Black carpet through entire car-New headliner-Xenon Front airdamn-BRE Spoiler

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Well I inheritade my 1980 N/A 280ZX from my dad when he passed away in 1999. The car was in very good condition to begin with. It was in CA all it's life so the only rust on the car was the spare tire storage area(which is gone now and is now the area for the battery). At first I was going to restore it but after surfing the net for performace parts and seeing the infomous "Darius videos" I knew I had to go V8. I started my swap back in late 2002, got it running early 2003, drove it for a year on and off working out bugs(lots of them by the way! LOL), then in 2005 I pulled it off the road to do body work and it hasn't seen the road since.


I just finished up the body work and will be getting my car back from the body shop tommorow actually and I will post pics of before and after(I'll just add them to this post later).


Major Mods....

1993 LT1/T56(with 1995 electronics so I can use TunerCat to tune it)

-ported heads and intake

-58mm TB

-36lbs/hour injectors

-electric water pump

-dual roller timing chain set

-LT4 Hot Cam kit(1.6 RR and LT4 HC)(probably going to go bigger soon)

-custom built drivers side header and block hugger passenger side header

-Fully rebuilt T56 with billet keys and steel 3-4 shift fork


MSA II body kit painted House of Kolor Cobalt Blue with VihnZXT front spoiler mod and custom 3 piece rear spoiler(see body forum for pics and info(you will have to search for posts)).


MSA roll bar, Tokico shocks and lowering springs, MSA big sway bar kit, Konig Monsoon 17x7 rims with BFG KD 225/45/17 tires(I've got some other rims/tires in the works though, so the Konig rim/tire package might for sale soon).


Full Autometer Phantom series gauges which include...Speedo, Tach, Water Temp, A/F gauge(didn't know what else to use to fill a spot at the time(should have used a fuel pressure gauge)), Volt, Oil Pressure, and Fuel Gauge.


I also made projector headlights for my car out of FX35 projectors with 350Z ballist, ignitors, and bulbs!


I think those are the major mods.




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I bought my ZX (it was stock) in 1993 from the original owner in Colorado who received it as a graduation present. She lost interest in it after having it repainted the original color (burgundy) and then getting hit two weeks later with hail that left dings in the roof and hood. It had 130K miles on it and, apart from the hail dings (still there), was in very nice shape. It's got 132K miles on it now so it has spent most of it's life in my garage. The body remains completely stock although I have a million ideas. More ideas than time. I like the lines of the 280ZX much more than any other Z car.





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I bought my zx back in '03. My dad suggested that I might like how that car drives, and he was right. I didn't really have the kind of power I was looking for, so I was thinking about selling and getting something else. Then one day while I was at the junkyard getting some interior pieces, some guys were pulling engine pieces off the same car and we started talking. They mentioned that they had an engine in a z that it didn't come with and I asked them how that was possible and they started talking about ref centers and that little doorjam sticker(thankfully that same car had one in it's window). I went home and did some research on the web, found this site, and never looked back. I now have a '95 LT1 and '96 T-56 waiting to be put into my car. I'll post some pics and more details when I get home. This place is great.:cool:

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