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Turbo Intake Plenum


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Yeah, I regged just to post in this thread. ;) Definitely cool work to see the evolution of this in CFD... there's just one question I had looking at all the images of the flow fields. Now, I realize that it flows evenly to all the ports in the simulations, but all the simulations are done with all the ports open at once, which obviously isn't how the engine actually works. I just have to wonder how the flow would be affected by it only flowing to one port at a time, and if that would eliminate the need for all the flow straighteners.


I do have to admit that I'm coming to this from the point of view of someone working on the same sort of thing for a 4-cylinder and hoping to use rapid prototyping and investment casting instead of CNC machining and welding... so obviously I don't *want* the flow straighteners to be necessary, as with as intricate as they are I'm not sure how reliably they'd turn out in a home-done casting.

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If you look at what Jenvey does now, they have basically replicated this kind of plenum/diffuser design for their 4 cylinder turbo plenum.


What more do you want though, it's been made, done.


Now maybe it will be cast instead of machined. Jenvy's is....

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Way off base on that one.


Not sarcastic at all.


But if you want it to be, it will be. Sorry you took it that way.


I thought it was funny as hell.


Does anybody owe anybody an "update"?


I posit many go underground for development now due to such demands.

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Hi, just read this article. Fu#######king amazing, monster your a true legend!!! I'd be interested in trying to use your concept on a 4 cyl (if that would be OK with you of course?) If been building a sr20 with a vvl head and have a set of gtir itb's.


PS how's your project going?


Have you got it running?


I'm sure a lot of people would be keen to see it


Hope your well


Scott From Australia

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OK, now let’s mirror-image this Beyatch, size it for 50mm’s and hang it on the Right Side of the Datsunworks DOHC (which since it’s CrossFlow can use plastic additive machining to knock it up and prevent heat soak…)


Thank God the bore spacing remained the same!


My Necropost for 2022…

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