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Show Off Your Engine Bay! Pics Wanted, L-series

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GORGEOUS! Something about triples that stirs the heart...

Two of the cleanest engine bays I've seen...  kudos...        

Added some VHT wrinkle coat to the valve cover, carb tops and blocked back the raised lettering to bare aluminium.  

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Very nice Ryan. With regards to the fuel routing subject- I am trying to figure yours out?

Oh, it's a mess... comes out at the stock location, runs up through the Holley regulator, through the system 1 fuel filter, then back along the frame rail to the fire wall, and up over the transmission to the carbs. One big old tour of the engine bay...


That's a project for another day though, just happy to have the car back on the road after three months of no engine. :)

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My current state of swap madness:




Still have to swap out the oil pan, run a few vacuum hoses, install the cleaned injectors and rail, and wire this puppy in. 


My favorite thing is the 3 inch MAF to turbo inlet pipe I made allowing me to keep the oem PCV setup and carbon canister. Also moves it to in front of the radiator, saving me a headache of trying to fudge it into the bay.  :D

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Finally finished my turbo install! Had a bum ignitor, so I followed skittle's write up on the HEI module and she fired right up! 



Until I realized my distributor shaft was off a tooth. Moved it, and bam! Set the idle to 750, TPS adjusted, Timing on point... She flies! So happy. The bump in compression with the n42/n42 is noticeable, but I'm going to keep it at the stock 7psi... Seems plenty for what I do with the car. I'm really happy my AFM hard pipe worked out. That, and I decided to use the Turbo valve cover. The black is so much more subtle. 

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^^^ hey Ryan who does your engine work ? I'm up in Ottawa and that motor looks nice ...clean install too !


Could you recommend anybody ?


You dyno that motor yet ?



Anything I can't do myself, I trust to Glenn Foote Auto Repair (https://www.facebook.com/GlennFootesAuto).  Guy was a mechanic at Kingston's Nissan dealership for 20+ years and left to open his own shop - also owns a 78' 280Z, and works on a lot of old Z's.  He did a ground up restoration on HLS30-006## last Winter, turned out very nice.  Great guy!  


The engine is Grannyknot's old Whitehead L28, which I bought from him through the OZC forums back in June - I pretty much stripped it down to just the long block and put on my own ignition, carbs, header, etc.  I haven't had it on the dyno yet, no, but I am hoping to get some dyno time in next Spring as it isn't pulling quite as hard as I think it should be.  Grannyknot managed 188hp with SU's, a stock-ish exhaust, and distributor, so I would hope to at least equal that.  

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