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Show Off Your Engine Bay! Pics Wanted, L-series

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Since our engine bay needs paint and is being stitch welded and the strut bars about to be fabbed up, here are some pics of our "refreshened" motor. First is with a chrome valve cover we just sold on ebay, second is before we put the timing chain/cover on but shows the actual red-wrinkle turbo valve cover we are using.




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Is that lunar lander foil? Are you planning a trip to the moon? :mrgreen:


LOL, Actually it's called the $8.99 engine bay paint job that looks like a $108.99 job. Two cans of aluminized brake caliper paint, half a roll of aluminum foil for masking stuff I'm too lazy to unbolt, some towels, tape, and a comfortable seat on the crossmember. Make sure to rest your beer on the opposite frame rail from where you are spraying.


Thanks, rturbo, my rule is: paint what you don't want to see, black, and what you want to see, silver or another bright color.

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