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Rare/Interesting/cool Parts Thread


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The rear (-wing) is sexy. And the rest...well..its interesting. :blink:


Lol - the funny thing is the guy was trying to sell and when I went to check it out he had taken the wing off it ;)


I think he may have colided with a pick up truck and assimilated the front bush bumper and pickup truck wheels....

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It's my 280zx that I sorta inherited from my friend. Came as a 2+2, but I would like to own a turbo hardtop coupe one day.


Durrr. Sorry just realized what I did there. lol.


I dont think we have seen a really nice 2+ on here. Theres some really cool ones on the aus z sites.

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Car is coming togeather great Pontiac. Maybe cut off the flap on the mudflaps on the back, leaving just the boot, then paint them to match the rest of the car? I think it would look sexy and create a nice line into the back bumper.

I did that with the rear mudflaps on my 240sx when I had 180sx side skirts and it worked well.

Also I just got my xenon rear skirts in the mail. 36 bucks on ebay. Urethane and sexy looking. Ill get a pic tomorrow as I am about to fall asleep as I type this.

As for the mystery parts: the guy hasnt emailed me back. If all works out Ill have euro bumpers and euro front and rear zx mudflaps.

Probably not as cool as super rare as I hinted, but I havent seen a *full* set in any of the forums or in person. The mudflaps that is.

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The video made ​​me remember an old pics I have found...


Look at this picture. It's not a s130, but an S30.





Post said:

«Countless S30 Z’s were sold in the late 60′s and throughout 70′s, but this one is a little different.

That’s right. If that VIN stamp is real, then this is the SECOND production S30Z ever built!

I wonder how much money this thing would be worth?...»


The link : http://kyushakai.wordpress.com/tag/datsun/page/9/

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