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Post pics of your z's here!!


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What is your opinion of the JPN flares? Are you using the regular or the wide version and with what wheels/tire?


These are their Z Speed ones that I've modified/grafted to my bumper. The quality is insanely good and the fit is spot on. These add 4.5" width to each fender at the flares' peaks.


Wheels and tires are not yet purchased, but will be in the ballpark of 15x10F and 15x12R with 225ish fronts and 245-255ish rears. 

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Wheel specs and suspension too please :)

XXR 527's for now. 17x8.25 front, 9.75 rear. BC coilovers all around! They are WONDERFUL




Nice shots! The scenery reminds me of US-197 coming into The Dalles when road-tripping from SF to Seattle.

Thank you! That sounds great. These were taken just on the other side of the Colombia river in Vantage, WA.

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