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-72 240z 1UZ-FE/R154 conversion

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Have noticed there's already a few others in here doing the Lexus conversion into their Z-car. I have planned to do this for a couple of years now, and have finally started the conversion. Here is my car:




It has been restored since 2005, and has been used on the street for a little more than a year with the original L24 inside. So, when the winter knocked on the door, the Z was put in the garage and the project started.





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And then, with some good help from my daughter, the L24 went out...





...and the UZ were joined with the transmission and lifted into the car.








So then I have to spend some time to measure and align everything, before I start fabricate engine and transmission mounts....



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Hey ROVdriver, it's good to see that there are some other people out there going the 1UZ route! By the way I love the look of your car...


In regards to the transmission that I have used, yes, it is a W58 transmission that came out of a JZA80 model non turbo supra. I think I remember seeing someone that said they modified the remote shifter to be used on a R154, although I can't be sure on this. If I do find the link I'll post it up.


If you don't already know about it take a look at the site toyodiy.com as there are full parts listings that you can use.

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Just had a bit of a look through all my bookmarks and couldn't find the page showing the remote shifter being swapped over to a non remote box however I did come acoss the following page





I was forgetting that you can already get a R154 box with a remote shifter from a soarer, and I found this in another thread


The JZA80 remote is only for the W58 or V160, not the R154.


The JZZ30 early model's R154 is very similar to the JZA70 but the shifter is about 20mm further back.


The late model JZZ30 has a full remote shifter.


The JZX90 has a full remote shifter, but I'm not sure if its identical to the JZZ30's


The JZX100 has a full remote shifter, but its not bolt on compatible with the early R154's.



You could probably use toyodiy.com to check the part numbers between an r154 remote shifter and w58 to see if they are the same (in case one might be easier than the other for you to get). If you search on Soarer Central or ALSC (Australian Lexus Soarer Club) there is quite a bit of information about manual conversions that those guys do, which might be useful.

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Very cool to see this old car making good progress. I wish I had pictures of the car from 8+ years ago to post up. The original owner, whom I have lost contact with would probably cry in joy in seeing her old Datsun looking this good and being cared for.


Keep up the great work! :)

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