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Eighth Winter Storm


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Tomorrow morning wil be the eighth time I go out to fire up the snowblower and bust out the shovels this season. We aren't even half way through...We probably had about 60-70+ inches of snow so far this year with almost no breaks.


That patio table is 4' x 6'.




Can you find my wheel barrow? I left it face down in the yard.



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Send the snow colorado's way, We need some at least down here in southern colorado. We haven't even got a foot its probably snowed once or twice. It sucks when your job depends on snow during the winter, No one buys snow tires if there is no snow. :(

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What is all that stuff? :huh:

You mean you get to stop driving your car for 6 months and just WORK on it? No WONDER you guys back east have such nice looking cars. Man, all we can do here in SoCal is drive drive drive drive. You gotta have like four cars before you can take one out of circulation to work on it. Then you have to decide which drive to skip, which car show to skip, which race to skip to make the time to work on it!


Man it's brutal! You guys look like you got a great deal, that white stuff comes and lets you turn off the sprinklers so nobody complains about not having a green lawn, you don't have to mow it every week, and it's nice an white. I bet you can shoot Kodachrome 25 outside with all that reflectivity! (But they've taken my Kodachrome away...)


You indeed, live in a land of what looks like Milk, at least! All that time to work on the cars. Lucky bastards! :P

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The only work I can do to the Z cars right now, is shovel off the solar cells on the shed roof.  Otherwise the batteries will be pissed at me. I can't even open the doors to look at them.

Do you have heat coils for the roof? I'd be worried about all that weight on the shed's roof with the Z parked in there :blink:

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Knock on wood, but the building codes here figure snow loads into the calculations. We have strong roofs and thick walls. The roofs are also tied to the walls with steel straps called hurricane ties. They even check to see that the proper number of nails were used in the construction. BTW that is my main garage which is built to residential code. My storage shed for the Z cars is up my property on the hill behind my house. That is not really built to any particular code other than what I thought would hold up enough weight. It should be plenty strong. The worse case is when we have 1-2 feet of snow on the roof with ice dams at the eaves, and then we get a warm spell with a rain storm. That causes serious trouble!





I will not be getting inside that shed to see my Z's anytime soon.







19762802+2, send me four snow tires for my 330xi and I will send you snow!

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I love snow! I like shoveling it too....... :bonk:


You think I'm joking but I'm not.


The first thing I would do if I was your son and told to shovel a path is make a maze in the snow so it takes you an hour to figure out how to get 6 feet to the car. Where you live looks nice, especially with the snow!


Got that wood stove fired up? I bet its real nice. Picturesque to me, really.

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Here on the cape, we've barely gotten any of the monster snow that you guys have been getting in "mainland" New England. I have a massive snowblower from last year (bought after the only huge snowstorm we got last year) and its barely seen any use. I did use it once this year just for justification of its purpose, but only on about 3" of snow...

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