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  1. Yay an update! Woohoo another one on the road. Zproblem? Like ze problem mein frauline is ze car uses up all my money
  2. In reality though, how often do you change the track width of the car?
  3. Tires 225/45/15 or 225/50/15

    Hmm I'm not finding any. I'm not sure what tire size I was looking at. Maybe 215/60/15? http://www.1010tires.com/Tires/215-60R15 Couple more choices, no ultra summers though.
  4. Supra 440cc injector CLIPS

    I bought the bottom slots according to my receipt. They look like they do on the website. http://www.driftmotion.com/Denso-Bottom-Slot-Conn-F2-p/dm1611.htm A bit of hackery, but if you have the denso clips, but they just have the wrong slot, you can shave the ears off of the injector.
  5. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I agree, just pointing out a potential downfall even though minor, how many of us have stuck spindle pins and need to change out our suspension often? Probably very very few.
  6. Supra 440cc injector CLIPS

    Driftmotion sells new ones with pig tails or with pins, that is where I got mine. You can also keep an eye out for RX-7 injector clips as they also run the same type of connector. Miata guys like to run the rx7 injectors so they usually are floating around.

    Did you have to do anything with the mounting holes? Or was it a direct fit? I recall you mentioned the 280z booster and the size in your brake performance thread, but then I saw Tamo and Dexter both say the 280zx boosters fit. Looks like they both have 280z's and those may have had a bigger spot? Then again, I read on classic Z that all boosters are interchangeable from 70-83 so I'm a bit confused.
  8. Another S30 on Jay Leno's garage

    I think they make pretty low torque numbers. John Coffey said he didn't think it would be a problem for street driving, but once you start putting work into it from corners is when you would want to start regularly replacing fluid and maybe look at a diff cooler.

    ^Do you happen to have the year? I'm thinking up upping my brake booster with my 15/16 master as well
  10. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    It is of merit to ponder. Forums like ours are probably visited a lot more, but people look over, take information they need, and depart. Then there is an active group that relishes in putting down this forum, not sure what happened in the past, but our stricter ruleset may have rubbed them the wrong way, and they champion their mistreatment on every forum and platform the they visit, seems like every two weeks someone posts a helpful link from hybrid on social media and someone chimes in about how they were banned many years ago. RX-7 forums I recall had an interesting setup, where it would allow you to browse 2-3 threads before it locked you out until you made an account. Before you could make a post you had to introduce yourself and generate 3 helpful comments before being allowed to start a new topic. Arduous for sure, but takes about 5 mins, and forces people to give before they take in a sense. Things people could do? Not sure, the trend is really for instant gratification. You can get responses in minutes vs hours on social media. Time wise I'm not sure the forum format can compete unless people have notifications on their phones and are motivated to answer, whether that is internet cookie points or what not. Things that still seem to be visited are local forums and BST's on other forums. Someone did suggest, but maybe a couple more select sub forums might be useful? Z33 AKA 350z+ cars with engine swaps. Maybe some select local forums? It seems like a couple of use are clustered, it would be useful for posting local events or calls for help or useful resources in the area.
  11. MCM S30 video

    I was kind of bummed they didn't talk about the whole S-chassis thing. Would have been an interesting talking point and a connection to the cars they have built.
  12. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    That design would work, although it would make pulling just the suspension require dropping the diff as well or leave it hanging on just the rear mounts. Doesn't happen often, but could be troublesome if you had a stuck spindle pin and wanted to change shocks or if you were using the differential as the jacking point (that's happened before). Same off topic, regarding the incident in question, apparently the guy who copied the design never purchased the set apparently or was given the design. He asked and was told they weren't ready or available so he took the idea, made his own measurements from axles, made crucial fixes and indeed made his own and produced them. Tried to make it right by offering the seller the design but that ended poorly. Only reason worth clarifying is to not raise defenses on anecdotal interpretation. Bringing it back on topic, I think it does raise a point. Those sharing in good faith like several with build threads or production threads like this one are at risk of intellectual theft, but the benefit is that you get active feedback from frankly really talented people, and this does also set precedent showing the idea existing prior. Also I think it is useful in that it keeps projects in check. I think someone offered a mount kit a while back that was too simple for the price. Any knowledgeable fabricator can make a perfectly suitable mount, the benefit here is that someone has taken the time to do so, if the piece is too simple and someone decides to charge a ludicrous amount, you can get a reality check which can help future sales.
  13. MCM S30 video

    Just saw this on my feed. Mighty car mods guys buy an S30
  14. 280z FP Build

    Hmm then there goes that idea, anytime I'm under 30% fuel, sharp decel will audibly cause a change in the fuel pump. That would be really cool, a chance to get properly schooled!
  15. 280z FP Build

    Yay an update! Have you had any problems with the foam deteriorating in the fuel cell? Hope to see you out at the autocross this year!