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  1. where to get OEM parts

    thank you, i kinda forgot about that place but i have seen them before.... since black dragon went out of business ive been really trying to make sure i get some OEM parts i may need 20years from now since my car has been in the family since new, it obviously isnt going anywhere ever. i bought couple pwr window motors and headlight/turn signal switches, things like that. they may not be around someday. the custom stuff i can deal with in the future. thank you, this forum has been a blessing to have!!!
  2. t-top weather stripping

    I do like the idea of just separating the leading edge to get paint just a little underneath. Very good thank you! I will keep in mind what you said about the glue too
  3. 280zx or 300zx Turbo CV Axles

    Here is a pic of the rockauto cv joints for z31 turbo. They look great other than the one in the bottom of the pic has a longer shafts that goes into the diff. I'm wondering if that's gonna be ok. The ones in my car are fine and I don't like fixing things that aren't broke so I'm afraid to try them. Hoping someone can tell me if this is ok?
  4. 2017-09-17 17.31.42.jpg

    From the album 280zx customization

  5. 20170825_130048.jpg

    From the album 280zx customization

  6. now that black dragon is gone, where do we find OEM parts ? i know the other usuals like motorsport auto (over priced stuff), ebay or just auto part stores. but black dragon was good for like ignition switches or body panels etc.. is there somewhere else, where did all black dragon stuff go? for the record, i have an 83 280zx so alot of places may have 240,260, even 280z stuff but the 280zx parts are harder to find. thanks for any help
  7. What to do when shop has had car 9 months?

    good luck, maybe the threat of lawsuit will push him to get it done. its probably at a point now that he got paid so long ago that now it seems like free labor for him (bad on his part). i would insist in seeing it and if its not too far from beeing done i would just get it and finish it yourself, consider just a lil loss for the piece of mind that you have your car back
  8. What to do when shop has had car 9 months?

    i would certainly give a really good effort to make stops to the shop, or i like to call from a different number, even leave a msg stating you are someone else and you want work done. ive been there and it sucks. if all else fails, start with the lawyer. good luck, keep us posted
  9. doesnt sound like you wanna be bothered with it anymore. all datsuns are great cars and i think mostly they are fun cars when you drive them. but they are for sure for someone who is ok with the lack of modern conveniences and ok with needing to keep up with the maintenance of the occasional leak or rattle. you may have been that guy before (assuming so since you do own one now)but doesnt sound like you are now. which is completely ok. its so easy now to get something with good power and yet comfortable and warrantied. so i think its time for you to sell to someone who wants the fun headaches that come with a Z.
  10. Sign in if you own an s130!

    nothing wrong with lil upgrades here and there. as my dad said when i got mine from him was have fun with it. i will never sell mine either so who cares what book value is. he actually talked me into the first v8 swap. i was keeping it original out of respect to my grandpa...get that resto done so you can make sure to pass it down,thats what its all about sometimes, and nothing more satisfying then doing it your self good luck with it!!
  11. Tips for removing 3M adhesive?

    Goo Gone works. its not quick n easy but its what i use on it. ill try to get as much of the padding part of the tape off then use it on whats left.
  12. Sign in if you own an s130!

    very cool!! my grandfather bought mine one year old and been in the family ever since also. very good to have a un modified turbo car. i would say to keep it that way. i did the LS swap but mine was a N/A car. original turbo cars are getting hard to find. im sure you have no plan to sell it but if you ever did, a stock turbo car is gonna be the most valuable. anyway, enjoy whatever you do with it.
  13. 280zx or 300zx Turbo CV Axles

    silvermine motors just put an add up for a set of 300zxt cv joints. i actually just found that rock auto sells new ones. i ordered them, they were cheap too. ill let you know if they are right. sometimes those things are too good to be true. ill probably get non turbo ones even though it says they r for turbo cars.
  14. TRYAGIN turbo ls swap

    nice color! i agree with trackzpeed, my ls swap is 400whp and any more and im just spinning. but more power to you if thats what you want. if your boosting it pretty good i hear all kind of good things about the iron 5.3. if you want to mantain the great weight balance then go with the alum 6.0. also on a budget, the 5.3 iron is alot cheaper. but if you can afford it i say the 6.0. goodluck!!! they are a fun car to drive with LS motors.