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  1. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    That is definitely a different steering rack then mine. Might help for clearing the manifolds. Block huggers would run right into that box. That's strang how different the rack is. Similar shaft but your right how it stays over the frame more. That's good
  2. G-Tech

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    thank you much. i hope to have it back and driving in 2 months. just intime to drive it a couple times then tuck it away for the winter. im sure you might have noticed the gas cap beeing a fellow s130 owner. there was also engine bay smoothing out, shaved blinkers front bumper for blinkers built into headlights, some other mods and a yet to be reveled new design of tail lights.
  3. how are you making out with the storm? i hope all is ok
  4. G-Tech

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    here is a sign of something new. this was yesterday. now the road of reassembly starts. so glad that step is over, it was many many hours...
  5. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    keep trucking along. there will be plenty of speed bumps. there is no road blocks though. i still have my first header set up that i would be willing to part with. i have a set of hooker manifolds modified for the steering shaft and a set of block huggers for the pass side. neither will fit on both sides. i think $300 plus shipping would be fair cause i would have to sell you both sets cause what would i do with one and one. but both sets are ceramic coated and holding up well. thats about the only set that will bolt up. or you do what i did and buy sets from jegs and return them if they dont fit but i tried them all but if you mount your motor slightly different then mine, mayb something different will fit. the steering shaft is biggest deal and the brake lines on pass side is why the manifolds wont work on that side. i had a small block chevy in first and they have block huggers that merge into one collector really quick and thats why they fit around steering shaft. LS block huggers dont merge into one until further down and there is no cramming 4 pipes between shaft and frame rail. i did it with billy boat headers but was alot of modifying. let me know, goodluck.....
  6. G-Tech

    B pillar chrome vents

    If your talking about the brushed stainless looking ones then yes...my 83 2 seater t-top came with the black ones and I switched to the stainless looking ones ..just make sure they come with the little piece that mounts to the top of that cover cause they are the same color.
  7. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    AWESOME!!! welcome to the club. if your on a budget this build is kind of pushing it but you did great picking up an auto trans. its going to be less wear and tear on the rear end and half shafts and your suspension will be ok for now. you may get a little too much squat in the rear but you can figure that out later. beeing on a budget means you will have to do some extra research to figure out how to keep what you have. like figuring out what gauges you can keep. you will have to upgrade fuel pump but you might get lucky and be able to keep your stock fuel lines. you will wanna check out the LS forums for info on some of that. the car will love having that motor though. it will still be light and handle well and 300hp will get you a great improvement. start with getting as much info, parts and planning you can before you make the "no going back" move :)... looks like you have a very clean car to start with. feel free to ask me questions along the way. i have a big change to mine finally happening this weekend that ill post, nothing to do with the motor though. im all done in that category for right now
  8. isnt it nice to finally see some color!?!? this was yesterday for me. now the anticipation of waiting to do the outside. goodluck with the rest of it, im sure it will be nice
  9. G-Tech


    Laguna Seca!?!?!?!?!?! that has to be amazing to run on that track!?!?!?!? o man, to run the cork screw looks amazing. good for you!!!
  10. G-Tech


    yes, showcars has terrible rep, i found out first hand. and aftermaket sheet metal always seems thinner than OEM. my aftermarket fender will get waves in the top from people resting their hands on it. (i know, people shouldnt be leaning on my fender but it happens and my OEM fender handles it). if you can find a good used fender the metal will be thick and your fitment should be best compared to aftermarket. but if you cant then you do what you gotta do
  11. G-Tech

    Should I buy a 79 280zx

    Obviously it is gonna need alot of work if its $500. And it might not be worth ever making it a serious build but if it has potential to run and drive and you just wanna play around with something, what better can u do with $500 and have a rear wheel drive platform...a long as you know you might double your investment and invest some labor just to get it kinda reliable toy then have at it
  12. i think you will be in good shape "IF" you make sure those things are good that i mentioned. if it has more rust, which i think you will find it does, or if the engine isnt running right, then its not $4k car in my opinion. and it would have to be tip-top shape to be worth $6k. like i said, the 280zx is not a very valuable car if its not a turbo model
  13. make sure its solid and get the engine issue solved. if you have either of those issues then it might be a Project Car. best of luck. if it checks out, then you will have a nice fair weather ride
  14. your not really giving enough info to put a value on it. you listed a couple problems that make it sound like its going to have more issues when you really dig in. what i can tell you is the 280zx is more of the odd ball of z's so they are not all that valuable unless they are turbo models or in really great shape. that particular engine setup has alot going on so figuring out engine issues is tricky. check underneath, they are very known for floor rot and "frame rails" like to rot from underneath seating area and back towards the rear. also the rear quarter panel at the bottom in front of the wheel also rots. i say make sure the body is solid, when you find rust there is usually more and can easily turn into a nightmare, and tell him to get engine fixed. you "might" be ok with $4k if all that checks out. and also all depends on what you wanna do with it. its a great driver when things are sorted out and has alot of comforts like pwr windows and a/c and pwr steering . there is not as much aftermarket parts for it as all the other models . good luck, let us know what you do