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  1. G-Tech

    Custom 280ZX Hood Vents

    my first thought also but the pocket they sit in is pretty shallow. dont think you will get much depth if you go down n with the vents. my 2 cents would be to make it a single raised vent kinda like how they do on top of fenders to release wheel well pressure. the one you developed looks exactly like rear window louvers, which if you have them and like them then your spot on. i dont care for them so thats were my dislike comes in....i will say though im very happy to see someone doing something with the s130's. so keep doing what your doing!!!
  2. evasive motorsports has a wide selection. i got blue forged alum lugnuts from them and they have been just fine for at least 5 years now. ive been drag racing, and roadcoarse racing with them on. just check torque a few times after installing them.
  3. G-Tech

    Ls1 77 280z

    that looks amazing, what color is that? if that old yellow car only knew it had to wait this long to end up looking like that. great job
  4. i looked at using those headers cause they use them on newer z/28's so they must make power. i decided not to cause the primary tubes can be real small at different points(like 1-1/2in). i went with these billy boat c5 shorty headers (1-5/8 primaries). im supposed to be around 440whp but ended up at 405whp. my tuner said if i had 1 3/4in or even 1-7/8 primaries and long tubes that i could do alot better. i just dont have the room in my s130. basically with my ls6 intake and dart heads, im getting air in, just not getting it out. every winter i think i need to do something about it, then spring comes and i take it for a rip and realize its got plenty of power..i think you will be happy with those, they have to flow really good if they run them on z/28's
  5. Rock auto worked fine for mine...
  6. Assuming your master cyl is an upgraded one based on all the other mods you have. You probably are confident that's not the problem...I'd say start with the check valve (easier fix) then there isn't many other options than the booster....when my booster went, it was after sitting all winter and the first time I got in it the pedal just fell to the floor and I ended up with brake fluid In the booster ...good lock, let us know what you find.hope this helps, I didn't see anyone else chiming in so figured I'd give you some kind of input
  7. G-Tech

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    looks amazing as always. love the new wheels. what sizes are you fitting on there? i run 17x7 225/45/17 up front and 17x8 235/45/17 rear, 0-offset all around. mine looks like this right now. no more black n chrome, lots changing
  8. G-Tech

    2x3 frame rails on a 280z

    Didn't see the need to cap the end off the back, maybe you can't see it but there a block welded to the subframe that drops down and welded to the top of the bar... the front is angle cut and hammered up so it's wedge shaped...I have heard the same about stainless welded to steel but we Did use stainless wire ,primed and seem sealed it and it's been good for 10yrs. I'm always under the car doing things and would see if there was issue...its what we came up with for frame ties and I'm happy with them. Every time the car has been dynoed they use them for strapping the car down even.
  9. G-Tech

    2x3 frame rails on a 280z

    i have a s130 which is always different than the older z's but i made my own frame ties by welding stainless 1x3 to the bottom of the frame rails. welded one end to the front main engine bay frame rail and connected them to the rear subframe. i have been beating on the car with a LS swap for 10yrs and they held the car nice and straight.
  10. i have a r-200 from a 280zxt with 3.54 gears and quaife internals, z31 turbo half shafts and custom stub axles. i wouldnt change a thing. its in a 280zx with a LS motor with 405whp. i have been beating on the rear end for 10yrs now with a LS motor and 6-speed. i dont know what car your doing but if its a s30 then it worries me about the 4.08 gears. im sure its not a s-130 cause there isnt too many of us odd balls out there. but with mine i dont have as many options but im completely happy. i think with the horsepower your planning you will be fine with most options, just make sure its limited slip. if your doing stick shift car then your first concern will be half shafts and stub axles. im not a pro like some people on here so there may be someone wiser than me out there. good luck
  11. G-Tech

    WTB koni coilovers or lowering springs

    what year? im sure its not a s130 but figured id ask
  12. amazing car in every part of it!!! what color is that?
  13. G-Tech

    Blue Beast

    Thank you. Not too many s130's done to that level. Good too see
  14. G-Tech

    Finally sprayed my Z

    very cool, thank you for the info. good luck getting the rest of the car finished. i heard those holley sniper FI kits are very nice.