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  1. ZX Weatherstrip Supplier

    you are not the only one looking. i have made more than a couple posts asking for the same. the 280zx doesnt get alot of attention "yet". i just started taking apart my car to re-paint this winter and alot of my door weatherstripping is marginal. i have been searching for a few years now. i made phone calls to all datsun parts suppliers and all weather stripping co.'s. even used ones are impossible to find. most weatherstripping co.'s focus on american cars. please post as i will if you find something. weather its new rubber or pieces from a different car that will work.
  2. getting ready to start the paint process on my s130. i barely have useable trim and weatherstripping but would make for much less of headache if i can find any peice of trim or weatherstripping. mainly looking for windshield and rear hatch glass trim and any weather stripping. thank you for any help
  3. 123 019.jpg

    From the album 280zx customization

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    From the album 280zx customization

  5. 6-16-17 191.jpg

    From the album 280zx customization

  6. im sure you have already dealt with all of them but becareful with whitehead, they told me 4-6weeks for stub axles and it turned into 8months. every week they told me it should be next week. i finally got them and they are great but just saying. i think "custom" means "not quickly". z car depot seems reliable when ive dealt with him.
  7. The cheapest and easiest thing I did was had the stock one re-cored and they had enuff room to make it thicker. They gutted the cores out and made it a 3 row radiator from 2...aluminum ones work good too. The fan helps alot. I did spend some money on a fan..just don't use a cheap one. A mechanical one might work
  8. Shims for R200V Differential Build

    now now children, lets just all move on
  9. The SBC was just a standard oil pan. It was close with the pwr steering rack but it cleared
  10. the LS swap is possible and ill help with any part of it i can. its just a different swap all together. the car is very fun with either swap.
  11. o no, its not just a set of adapter plates and insert LS motor. when i switched it was like starting from scratch again. swap plates dont put the motor in a good place, you basically make your own mounts. then the oil pan has mods to do, headers are more of a problem, and fuel system has to be changed (and more lil things after that. it all depends if your trying to just get your car together and go tear up the streets or if you are ok doing a completely new project. there is some info in the gen lll&iv section that i started called 280zx's with LS . ground control sells coilover kit for the front of a 280zx (also techno toys does). it uses your original strut tube and shocks. you just have to cut off the old spring perch and weld a new one on.
  12. When I had the sbc in I just had eibach 1in drop springs for the front. With the weight of the motor it was a 2in drop which I was happy with. I had steel heads also....now I have techno toys shortened coilovers which I'm very happy with and 250lb springs. I have a LS motor in now and the front rides a Lil stiff.if you do coilover's I think you'll be good with 250lb springs also. You could do groundcontrol coilover setup would be the cheapest and easiest. You just can't go more than 2in drop with s130 strut tubes. The rear needs to be stiff too, cause it's gonna squat hard
  13. most of what u have on the driver side is EFI and sensors for brake fluid, washer fluid etc. to the left of the brake booster there is a hole were the original throttle cable came out and now there is what looks like 3 or 4 wires coming out(with no grommet ). those wires are added in so they might be useful for the v8 motor. and on the pass side were the battery is supposed to be there is a box laying over on its side with wires coming in and out, those are your fusible links and those wires should be important. and on pass side front by the coolant reservoir, one of the boxes is for the headlight and the other box has relays for some things you may need. i know i saw in the wiring diagram exactly what those boxes are but i forgot what it said already. you gotta mess on your hands, dont be in a hurry. one section at a time. start somewhere and check things off as you go. it can be done, but wont be quick