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  1. Drive shaft shop CV conversion doesn't fit!

    Wow newzed, relax man.. .I've been following this for a whIle cause I've had similar issues before. I don't see what your big stink is all about. I'm sure if he wasn't communicating properly then calling them and complaining, DSS would tell him they have done all they can. Instead of apologizing and wanting to fix it "again"....just saying I think trackzpeed seems knowledgeable. Not like he has ever asked if it was hard to make a z all-wheel drive? 🙄
  2. I don't know Joe personally but I would for sure give him a chance. He is all about the datsun community...Whitehead is OK but I mentioned before that I had problems waiting 8 months for my stub axles from them. They just kept giving me excuses every week.
  3. Drive shaft shop CV conversion doesn't fit!

    It's amazing what a horrible experience your having with them. They have been around for so long you wouldnt think they would be that unprofessional. ...very good luck with this fitment, they better last a lifetime
  4. Finally sprayed my Z

    i cant wait to see some pics outside. looks amazing as is
  5. New topstage z kit

    all looks very good. i wasnt thinking of full replacement quarters, fender, and even doors. i thought it might be smaller flares that get grafted on to existing fenders and quarters. im no expert, i know see $1500 aint getting you squat. you might wanna start a new thread on these, your kinda on a thread meant for someone else's parts, just saying. dont bother me any though
  6. New topstage z kit

    i could see it being affordable at $1500 for the pieces. that might be low for the guy making them, but that is my guess what people would pay.
  7. J2z swap in 280zx

    just remember that the 280zx (s130) is a different platform than any other Z. so if you see something made for a 280z, it probably doesn't fit your car. but good luck, its still a great car to start with.
  8. anybody know what material and finish is on the exterior trim of 280zx's (s130)? mainly the windshield and rear hatch window. im going to have all the trim powder coated but if it is chrome i have to have it stripped. i cant even tell if its steel or stainless for sure. my guess is its polished stainless but im not good when it comes to guessing. hoping someone has had experience with this. thank you for any help.
  9. Sign in if you own an s130!

    love what you did with it purepontiackid. the fender vents are real nice. a lil more info on the car would be cool. motor and suspension mods ? im surprised the rear tires are not pulled forward more being that low
  10. You can use a GM pwr steering pump. I used one from a 76 caprice.the rack is METRIC pipe thread. That creates the biggest problem.But then figure out which line is the pressure line and which is the low pressure return line (I can let u know in a couple days which one is what). The return line you can cut and put a rubber hose over it with a hose clamp and run that to the pump. The feed/ high pressure line you can buy the right fitting from summit racing to fit in the steering rack and make a high pressure steel braided line to the steering pump. Or the way I first did which was cheaper was like the picture. I took and shortened the original feed line and had a hydraulic hose attached with like a pressure fitting at a local auto shop that could make it, and it has the right fitting on the other end for the GM pump. It wasn't an autozone, but like a small local shop.there might be other ways but thats what we came up with at the time..that should sum up that chapter, good luck, let me know how it goes and/or what's next....
  11. o boy, you are in deep!!!
  12. Good parts from 1982 on 1979

    so you know i have been going crazy trying to find weather stripping for my 83 zx with t-tops. they DO NOT exist. not new, not used. i have called and called so many places from datsun specialty places to weatherstripping places. there is rubber to attach to the t-top but nothing for the rubber the mounts to the body and it seems very unique. but good luck, there has got to be universal rubber i just havnt found it yet
  13. ZX Weatherstrip Supplier

    if you could remember what you did for the t-tops that would be awesome? im in the middle of trying to figure out what misc pieces i can use for the doors and t-tops. thank you
  14. holy crap!!! thats a beast....nice build. gotta be a handful.
  15. ahh yes, they are needed