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  1. G-Tech

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Funny, watching your video cause I'm going threw the same struggles like sanding, then sanding, then sanding, etc..and missing the fact that u wont get the edge of the cowl painted when the car is assembled, and just having to deal with it...its real life struggles your having... I'm frustrated with sanding and there might be a thing or 2 that are not perfect but watching your videos make me relieved I'm not the only one....great job!!!! Bought couple of your shirts(one for me and one for the wife) to try to do my part to support the cause....
  2. G-Tech

    JTR SBC Kit Positioning Help

    What year car ? You cant tell what its held up on?
  3. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    im no expert but i have looked at altering or making new trailing arms for my zx and it doesn't seem so straight forward. they are a semi-trailing arm, they are not just 90deg to the wheel, they are mounted on an angle. i wanted to do something because the wheel pulls forward when the car squats. and the zx's like to squat. i have 17x8 with 0-offset with 235/45 tires and i had to clearance the front of the wheel well lip. it was actually hitting the front of the wheel well. i have a 400whp LS motor in it but i also have 380lb springs in the rear and the car comes stock with 125lb springs. you can put like eibach springs in it but its still gonna squat pretty good even with a stock motor. i want to eventually figure out how to move the mounting point for the semi-trailing arm back more. you can play with the offsets and run inward more. i have lots of room to the inside left over but my opinion (again im no expert) but with a car that squats alot, once it does, and you have some crazy offset wheel, the tire is not gonna stay flat on the road and you will just end up riding on the inside edge. so i stuck with 0-offset cause thats what the car was designed for. and i get lots of traction. ive road coarsed it and i go to the dragstrip alot and i am very happy with it. even when i had a stock v8 in it and was still running the 14x6's the car hooked pretty good. the zx's get lots of traction as is. im not saying something different cant be done or that it would be wrong so do whatever you can do. i see that there is others with the wider tires but id be curious if they rub when they are hard on them. good luck
  4. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    think you mean patch panels? i have yet to see anything for that. and get a hard dash cover. they are still cheap and look really good. just put down some good RTV or the sun will warp it. but if you keep a sun visor for the windshield that will make the cover last a lifetime.
  5. G-Tech

    Budget build ZX

    welcome to the odd ball s130 club. thats exactly what my car started as (exterior and interior)..if your on a budget, spend your money wisely. these are hard cars to do on the cheap. stay away from showcars.com for any fiberglass parts. those wheels are 14x6 with 0-offset. the only things your gonna get to replace them cheap is some standard steel wheels. id start with getting it running first. atleast at that point you could get more money for it if you decide to sell it. not a quick car for todays standards but they are very fun cars to drive. and as you have been informed, almost nothing on them relates to a 240,260,or even a 280z. they dont look so cool with the bumpers off like the older ones do. but hey everyone has a taste. enjoy whatever you do and good luck with it.
  6. G-Tech

    280zx door seal weatherstripping alternative?

    try them, think they have what you need...you will run into trouble when you need door weatherstripping or if you have t-tops and need the rubber that mounts to the car https://zcarsource.com/weatherstrip-seals/weatherstrip-280zx/hatch-seals-bumper
  7. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    i was hoping someone else would check in since my info is all over this thread but not sure since there isnt many out there. ive seen 2 or 3 that have been finished but not much if any info from them in a while. and a few more that are in the same boat you are. the problem with the oil pan is on most of them, the front of the pan and the rear sump hang too low. my front is so shallow on mine that i cant run a stroker motor but it allowed me to get the motor low enuff. on most pans, the rear sump ends up below the crossmember and become the lowest part of the car. the one from Canton just had all the right dimensions and 5+ years ago that was the only one. look up the dimensions for canton pan and see what might be out there now. the dirty dingo mounts can probably work but mostlikly will require some sort of mods. the mounting holes on a LS end up behind the crossmember so you will mount the motor mounts to the cross member then you will need a plate that moves the mounting holes towards the rear of the car. the ones dirty dingo has for the older Z's looks like thats what it does but note that the older Z's are different so its not going to be exact. good luck, anything is possible if your able to put in the work.
  8. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    That is definitely a different steering rack then mine. Might help for clearing the manifolds. Block huggers would run right into that box. That's strang how different the rack is. Similar shaft but your right how it stays over the frame more. That's good
  9. G-Tech

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    thank you much. i hope to have it back and driving in 2 months. just intime to drive it a couple times then tuck it away for the winter. im sure you might have noticed the gas cap beeing a fellow s130 owner. there was also engine bay smoothing out, shaved blinkers front bumper for blinkers built into headlights, some other mods and a yet to be reveled new design of tail lights.
  10. how are you making out with the storm? i hope all is ok
  11. G-Tech

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    here is a sign of something new. this was yesterday. now the road of reassembly starts. so glad that step is over, it was many many hours...
  12. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    keep trucking along. there will be plenty of speed bumps. there is no road blocks though. i still have my first header set up that i would be willing to part with. i have a set of hooker manifolds modified for the steering shaft and a set of block huggers for the pass side. neither will fit on both sides. i think $300 plus shipping would be fair cause i would have to sell you both sets cause what would i do with one and one. but both sets are ceramic coated and holding up well. thats about the only set that will bolt up. or you do what i did and buy sets from jegs and return them if they dont fit but i tried them all but if you mount your motor slightly different then mine, mayb something different will fit. the steering shaft is biggest deal and the brake lines on pass side is why the manifolds wont work on that side. i had a small block chevy in first and they have block huggers that merge into one collector really quick and thats why they fit around steering shaft. LS block huggers dont merge into one until further down and there is no cramming 4 pipes between shaft and frame rail. i did it with billy boat headers but was alot of modifying. let me know, goodluck.....
  13. G-Tech

    B pillar chrome vents

    If your talking about the brushed stainless looking ones then yes...my 83 2 seater t-top came with the black ones and I switched to the stainless looking ones ..just make sure they come with the little piece that mounts to the top of that cover cause they are the same color.
  14. G-Tech

    280zx's with Ls swaps

    AWESOME!!! welcome to the club. if your on a budget this build is kind of pushing it but you did great picking up an auto trans. its going to be less wear and tear on the rear end and half shafts and your suspension will be ok for now. you may get a little too much squat in the rear but you can figure that out later. beeing on a budget means you will have to do some extra research to figure out how to keep what you have. like figuring out what gauges you can keep. you will have to upgrade fuel pump but you might get lucky and be able to keep your stock fuel lines. you will wanna check out the LS forums for info on some of that. the car will love having that motor though. it will still be light and handle well and 300hp will get you a great improvement. start with getting as much info, parts and planning you can before you make the "no going back" move :)... looks like you have a very clean car to start with. feel free to ask me questions along the way. i have a big change to mine finally happening this weekend that ill post, nothing to do with the motor though. im all done in that category for right now