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  1. Idle Fueling and ITB's

    Great detective work! Ah the fun of engine calibration... Many think it's just dialing in fuel and spark tables but that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's work like this that really refines the experience. Well done.
  2. Wow, interesting. I guess that explains my smoked valve guides. FWIW, I ended up going with OEM exhaust and Supertech Intakes by recommendation of Dave Rebello.
  3. I also had a bad experience with SI, they ate the valve guides in short order. Go with OEM.
  4. You don't mention your tire size and use case but I've been loving the Bridgestone RE71Rs on my S2k track car. Planning to run Nitto NT01s next. With that said, I've heard good things about the Rival S 1.5 so you can't go wrong there.
  5. Weber DCOE 45 - Tuning Help!

    Check out the Sidedraft Central Yahoo group and read through Keith's white paper on carb setup. It's a bit outdated now but has some great tips on setting up Webers. I'd start there.
  6. Exhaust size for a 3.2L Stroker L28

    Regardless, there is tons of good info in that thread.
  7. Price Check - Used R200 3.9 LSD

    If it had an LSD then you got an absolute steal.
  8. Exhaust size for a 3.2L Stroker L28

  9. Looking for a tow vehicle

    Unfortunately, I don't think California allows this... :\
  10. Looking for a tow vehicle

    We test drove a couple of X5s the other day, an '07 4.8i with sport package (and Adaptive Drive) and a '10 30i. In driving both back-to-back, I know I want the V8. Just need to do a diesel/V8 comparo now. Otherwise, both cars were very nice to drive. They seem very liveable day-to-day as well as long trips. The sport package with AD actually felt like it rode nicer than the regular suspension. We liked the updates to the '10, seemed the infotainment (aka iDrive) was easier to control. The biggest demerits we found were the high loading height and relatively small trunk. We liked it more than the Cayenne we drove but I think some more test-drives are in order. It seems to come down to three options: 1) Buy the vehicle I'm envisioning, a nice DD that can tow an enclosed trailer the 5 times out of the year when I need it. Compromises need to be made in the way of towing capacity to get something that also works as a nice DD and vice versa. 2) Rent a truck whenever I need to tow. This is great because I don't have to buy/register/insure/repair/park anything and can DD whatever I want but it'll be less convenient and cost ~$1500/yr. 3) Buy a shitty old truck as a dedicated hauler. It's more convenient and I can use it for other errands. It will also be amortized within 3-4 years when compared to renting *assuming no costly repairs*. It will also cost extra to register/insure, require maintenance, take a parking space, and will take away from the trailer budget.
  11. Hi! I have no idea what I’m doing…

    Welcome! Looks like a nice base for a project. Any more pics or info? What's your vision?
  12. Looking for a tow vehicle

    I thought about the Q7 but interestingly it's only rated to 5,500 in the US. I'm curious as to their reliability since VAG products don't have the best track record. We'll check them out if we get a chance! I have had very strong recommendations against Land Rovers... Plus, if anything's douchier than a Cayenne or X5, it's a LR.
  13. Looking for a tow vehicle

    Trucks are definitely out for the sake of the dogs. They're older and not comfortable in truck beds, having ridden in one once. Also, commuting in a truck doesn't sound super fun. See requirements in my OP. 95% of the time, this thing is being daily driven.
  14. Looking for a tow vehicle

    Thanks for the tip but it being a smaller SUV, the towing capacity is limited to 4,400lb. I'm looking for 6000lb+. I'm not rushing in, planning to test drive an X5 soon. I'd really like the diesel but my BMW tech buddies are telling me to get the 4.8 V8. Apparently, the diesels had a lot of issues with their emission control systems.