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  1. Leon

    2.5" vs. 3" comparison

    I'll do it on my L28 if you would like to pay for a 3" exhaust for my Z.
  2. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Right on man, thanks! The scan data is currently being converted into a solid model (it's raw form is STL) so hopefully I'll have something today. Do you have a preferred file format?
  3. Leon

    ROM bins for L28ET 1982 ECCS

    Good to know! I don't have any EFI Z-cars but it's cool to see somebody playing with it at this level. I'm in the SF Bay Area as well (Burlingame), I'd love to check out what you're doing sometime.
  4. Leon

    New SBF 302 Datsun owner

    Yup, put 4 Webers on it! https://www.lainefamily.com/240Z_V8_Conversion.htm
  5. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Sure thing! If your setup doesn't have any tractability issues and you're happy with your fuel consumption and AFR curve, then you won't see much value in going with Keith's products. Keith's idle jets are supposed to improve low-speed mixture stability and his tubes should enable you to match the tip-in point of the mains with the idles as well as maintain a steady AFR trace to redline. The testing has begun... We had a short road-tuning session yesterday. The initial jet setup included 50F9 idles and 145/F11/170 mains in a 3.1L stroker with an unported but shaved P90 and Rebello's 278deg/.540" lift cam. Carbs are 45DCOE with 40mm venturis and exhaust is a Pacesetter header into 2.5" piping. The engine is still in the break-in phase so there hasn't been much high-load driving yet, just quick bursts. The mains seemed pretty dialed with this setup but the low-speed circuit had a lot of holes in transition. The idles needed to be upsized. We dropped in Keith's VF e-tubes with the same mains and airs as well as Keith's W55 idles. The idles were set to two open holes on the collar, the engine was warmed up, and idle AFR was set at ~12.5:1. Even on cold-start, the engine was much more responsive to throttle inputs. There was no more bogging and coughing. A test drive around the neighborhood revealed near-perfect tractability with just a minor lean hole at moderate throttle inputs around 2000RPM. We attempted to cure it by removing the collar and exposing all the air holes on the idles but this caused a dramatic leaning effect below 2000RPM. We did a few bursts of WOT and high-load but there is certainly more work to be done on the mains once the motor is fully broken in. Our next course of action will be to run the car on the dyno to dial in the mains as well as possibly upsize the idles to W60 to get rid of the lean spot and completely dial in the tractability. I installed the W60s into my Z for my drive home but had no time to tune them at all. I also suspect I have a vacuum leak somewhere so I'll have to trace that down... More to come
  6. Leon

    ROM bins for L28ET 1982 ECCS

    Gotcha, didn't realize they were completely different architectures. I haven't had a chance to play with the old Nissan EFI.
  7. Leon

    ROM bins for L28ET 1982 ECCS

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing all this! I'm curious how similar the 280Z ROMs are...
  8. Leon

    ROM bins for L28ET 1982 ECCS

    I'm surprised you'll be able to see the maps being used in real time with such an old ECU. I've only played with newer stuff and most of those don't seem to support it. Them again, I haven't gone as DIY as you either. Are you able to see the hex code for the entire ROM? It'll take some manual labor but you may get lucky and find the RPM and load scales near the address of the maps you've found. Looks like a fun project!
  9. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Thanks man, I appreciate it. I may want to copy your rear setup. I'm predicting the path of least resistance is going to be to slap the drums back on. I have zero complaints about the performance of the stock system as it sits currently. The reasoning behind the swap was (1) ease of service, (2) better cooling for when I finally track it and (3) might as well do it while I'm in there. This will give me some time to hash out the details.
  10. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    @lowrider Rough measurements are as follows: ID @ hub face = 315 mm ID @ ridge = 355 mm ID @ barrel = 365 mm 30mm from hub face to top of ridge I'm having the inside of the wheel 3d-scanned at work next week so that I can mock things up. I can send that data as well.
  11. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Hey Matt, thanks! Funny you ask, I've been using his VF tubes for a little while now but haven't gone back to the dyno since I tested the Weber jetting. I finally measured my idle manifold vacuum (17mmHG) and thus ordered some of Keiths weak-vacuum idle jets. I'll be road-tuning my buddy's 3.1 this weekend for which we just bought Keith's jetting as well. Dyno tuning for both his and my Z will come in the near future, he needs to break in his motor first. In short, I will have a complete summary of how Keith's jets do vs the Weber stuff in not too long from now. It also seems like I have a fuel flow issue which I haven't dealt with yet. I've been meaning to replace my dinky O'Reillys thumper pump with the Mallory I bought, just haven't done so yet. Honestly, $300 for e-tubes and idles isn't that much when you compare to the iterations you have to go through with the Weber stuff. Plus, Keith has great support for his products and will refund you if you're not happy. Weber distributors won't do that... and if you find an ITB conversion for $300, I'm all ears! Frankly, I'd love to run ITBs for multiple reasons but I also enjoy the old-school character of the car and the triples fit that perfectly. I have other EFI cars to satisfy my itch.
  12. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Sweet setup! This is essentially exactly what I'm conceptualizing, nicely done. Do you have details on your conversion anywhere? I'll take some measurements of my wheels today. I have Nigel's kit, as seen here: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/113199-yet-another-rear-drum-to-disk-conversion-option/ It's an 11.8" (300mm) vented rotor and a Lincoln LS rear brake caliper. Interestingly, it appears to be exactly the same kit as the Silvermine Stage 4 with some minor differences.
  13. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Thanks for the Coleman tip, Brady! Didn't think of them for brakes but looks like they have some good options for a DIY kit. I'd like to be able to rotate the tires and not sure I like the staggered diameter look but otherwise that would work.
  14. It really depends on your duty cycle on track and how hard you drive on the street. Your tires' wear pattern will be the tell since you have such a mixture of use cases.
  15. Glad to hear! That front toe setting really wasn't doing you any favors either, I wonder if it was incorrectly measured last time or if something had been changed since. That looks nicely dialed in, you'll want more camber depending on how much you track it.