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  1. Leon

    LS 240Z Race stuff sell-out

    Same, I'm interested in the 240SX brakes and 240Z coilover sleeves.
  2. Rob at Z Car Garage is great but don't expect it to be cheap.
  3. Leon

    How to search?

    Go to google and type in: 280Z turbo swap site:hybridz.org
  4. When I was first looking for a cheap (<$1000) project car circa 2006 it had to have RWD, a manual gearbox, and fastback styling. My first target was the Porsche 944. Thankfully, I struck out on a few of those and expanded my search to A70 Supras and S30 Z-cars. Ended up getting a 240Z and didn't look back. Similarly to Jon, I ended up with a Z because it fit my criteria and was dirt cheap at the time. If I were searching now under similar budgetary and performance constraints, I bet I'd end up with some sort of E36. That said, the Z has been a great platform to learn on and play around with. The added bonus is that it has a timelessness that the 944 and A70 Supra could only dream of.
  5. The 260Z VIN is an "RLS" prefix. "HLS" is 240Z or 280Z.
  6. Paid $1637 for the wheels + tires originally. The tires are very grippy (200tw extreme performance category) and have lots of life left. I can do $1200.
  7. I have a set of almost-new 16X7 ET0 Panasports with 225/50-16 Bridgestone RE11-A rubber. I bought Wats and would be willing to sell these. I'm local, if you want to have a look sometime.
  8. What do the other cylinders read on the flow meter? If the others read 5, then you possibly have a vacuum leak, bent throttle rod, or misaligned butterfly. If the others read 4, then you likely have either a bent throttle rod or misaligned butterfly. Remove your progression hole covers to diagnose a bent throttle rod. Use smoke or spray for vacuum leaks. If everything comes up inconclusive, then a butterfly is misaligned. This assumes proper valve lash and even cylinder compression.
  9. The ball-and-socket kit won't bind or snap TC rods but it will be harsher than rubber.
  10. Ride comfort is a systemic attribute, it's not just springs or bushings or... Spring rates set ride frequency which sets the amount of force, thus acceleration (F=ma), your body will see from road inputs. These accelerations are tuned via dampers and isolators. This is mostly reflected in how "stiff" the car feels when hitting bumps and dips in the road. Then there's the matter of impact harshness from road imperfections. This is more of a noise and resonance issue. This is dealt with via something called compliance. The bushings responsible for controlling the amount of longitudinal compliance were already mentioned in the post you found. This is all assuming you're not running out of travel on your suspension. Fixing harshness is going to involve making sure you have soft compliance bushings and top mounts. If you're running coilovers with a solid top mount (ball joint), that's not helping.
  11. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Bummer! There's always next year. Seems they're finally giving some credence to Japanese car makers. I'll be curious in what you come up with.
  12. Leon

    Leon's Other 260Z

    I haven't had the time to swap in the new bits due to family commitments and race car stuff. I did drive the Z down to Laguna Seca for the Historics yesterday and man is this car terrible to drive! The lack of suspension travel makes for an abysmal experience and the rev-hang in between shifts is really aggravating. I won't drive the car again until I can swap the suspension. The rev-hang needs further investigation but the symptoms point more to a vacuum leak than a linkage issue. I'll do a quick linkage check and then put some smoke through the trumpets to see if we're leaking air anywhere. Reinstalling a speaker so I can finally use the radio, in combination with the above, will go a long way to really refining the car.
  13. Leon

    Triple carb intake length

    The length has nothing to do with it, it's all due to the balance tube and misaligned holes for the throttle rod bearings. Pierce Manifolds is a vendor, they do not make their own manifolds. I'm guessing you're looking at the TWM manifold that they sell. I run one on my Z, it's definitely better in quality than the Cannon but it took some hogging out to make the ports match, FWIW.
  14. I'll be there Sunday with some friends, managed to get a spot in the ZONC car corral at Turn 3. I haven't been to the Historics for about 6 years or so, should be fun!