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  1. WTB tokiko shocks

    I have a set of Illuminas that were used in the rear struts of my 1973 260 for about a year. It's an early-model 260, so it has the same rear strut tubes as the 240Z, so these shocks have the correct spacers for 240 rear. As you know, you can pull the spacer off and use the same shock in the front struts. I'm the second owner on these shocks, so I can't tell you how old they are; but they seem to still have decent damping. No physical damage to the shock bodies other than typical scratches and wear marks from mounting. The adjuster hardware is all in good condition and seems to functioning correctly. How about $75 plus shipping for the pair?
  2. 305 motor mounts 260z

    I use GM truck motor mounts on my 350 SBC. They're cheap, sturdy and fit well.
  3. Looking for some 240/260/280 Parts

    Will do...please give me a couple days.
  4. Looking for some 240/260/280 Parts

    I've got a good left door (actually have a good right door too) but I think shipping would be pretty expensive. No rust, no bondo, good glass. I'm in zip 23602, if you want to shop for shipping quotes. Greyhound can often be the best deal for big heavy items. LMK if you're interested.
  5. Not mine. Been on eBay for three months now. Can't imagine why it hasn't sold.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-240-Z-HEAD-LIGHT-COVER-CRACKED/302191846961?hash=item465c09a631:g:KNEAAOSwA3dYc8pN&vxp=mtr
  6. Alternate Fuel Line Routing

    My late-model 260Z also had the fuel lines running along the passenger frame rail. Car was lowered, raced often, and never had an issue with debris damage to the lines. If you really want to go the extra mile, you could sheath the lines with clear or black hose for extra protection in the most vulnerable areas.
  7. SBC and 700r4 install

    Agree with Nullbound. It should clear....IF you have the car high enough on jack stands. I'm assuming you have a leveler?
  8. You didn't mention the differential mounts, so I would check those as well...this includes the front mount at the nose of the diff and the rear mounts/mustache bar. Even if the nuts and bolts are tight, you can get movement and vibration if the bushings are worn. Most people replace the OEM stuff with poly bushings. And don't forget to check your lower control arm mounting points, as well. I had a rear vibration under similar conditions as you a few years ago and it was driving me nuts trying to track it down. Turned out to be worn rubber bushing on the inner spindle bolts of the LCAs. Replaced all four of them with these guys, and problem solved. http://www.energysuspensionparts.com/7.3104 Good luck with it.
  9. Not sure which harness you have, but you can usually swap out the mounting hardware on many harness setups. (And you can also swap the rear part of the shoulder harnesses as well, as pointed out by theczechone.) Also, have you considered a 4-point roll bar as an alternative to the harness bar? Usually see used bars online for not much more than the new T3 harness bar. Another option for your consideration... Good luck with it. And be sure to post your results once you've decided which route to go. Thx!
  10. Yep, nothing wrong with that. In my case, I eliminated it to give more clearance for the exhaust. Others remove it for weight savings. The little U clips on the rear mounts of the LCA inner spindle also fit the forward mounts. Keep up the great work!
  11. That is one beautiful-looking undercarriage! FYI -- a lot of folks don't use the lower diff mount after installing a RT-style upper mount. You obviously still can use it, if you want, but may not be necessary depending on your intended usage, suspension setup, engine output, etc, etc.
  12. I've been using these for a few months, on both my hazards and turn signals. No issues so far. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00139OH24/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. I have one...you want the entire strut assembly? I can PM you pics tomorrow.
  14. Having trouble accesing private messages

    PMs working ok for me (on Firefox).
  15. Looking good, as always, Mark! Curious what parts you used for your CV axles....specifically, which CV joints and what size axle? I'm about to do the same mod on my '73. Thx, and keep the updates coming!