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  1. jhm

    Orange Airbox -- SOLD

    Sold. Thx to all who expressed an interest.
  2. jhm

    OEM Heater Blower Assembly - SOLD

    Heater is sold. Thanks all.
  3. jhm

    Differential options

    Wow, great info! Sticky-worthy?
  4. That is correct. Don't know what year your car is, but it can be rewired if you so desire. Do you want the turn signals to operate when the ignition is not on?
  5. jhm

    Stock front sway bar - $20 USD!

    Sold. Thx to all who were interested. Admins can delete the post, if so desired.
  6. jhm

    Orange Airbox -- SOLD

    BUMP. New price: $25 plus shipping.
  7. jhm

    OEM Heater Blower Assembly - SOLD

    BUMP -- still available. $20 plus shipping.
  8. Nice price. Didn't know AZC was offering those pieces....may have to look into it. Thx.
  9. Nice parts list! 👍 Dropping some serious change on this build. You may want to consider some adjustable tie rod ends, while you're at it....there's a couple vendors out there; I've got T3's, and am pretty happy with the quality. Apex Engineering just released some, but I don't know anyone that's used them yet.
  10. jhm

    240z retrostat removal

    Couldn't agree more with the advice above. Have seen several members here, and on other forums, recently tackle electrical issues with a random, unsystematic approach....replacing components at random without any deliberate analysis or troubleshooting. Just leads to frustration and lots of time/money spent on needless replacements. BTW, if you determine that your issues are indeed caused by the gauge lamp dimmer rheostat, and if you don't care about the functionality of the rheostat, it can be removed from the system. It's just a variable resistor. I always prefer my gauges on full bright, so I removed the rheostat and jumped the two leads together....giving full current to the gauge lamps whenever switched on. Good luck with it.
  11. Looks like a really nice old 240. You are already WAY ahead where most of us usually are when starting with a newly-acquired Z. Have fun with it, and welcome to HybridZ.
  12. Congrats on your find and good luck with the resto-build. Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  13. Current flows to the wiper motor through the wiper relay on the relay panel in the passenger footwell. Relay could be bad, but I would test it before replacing. The wiper motor could also be bad. Try applying 12v directly to the motor to test. The wiper mechanism may also be frozen, which would prevent the wipers from working, but they can be cleaned up and lubed pretty easily. Yes, the switch for the rear defroster is typically located in the center console, under the radio.
  14. Were you able to download all the FSM docs you needed? The wiper wiring runs from the combo switch, through the dash harness, to the wiper relay in the passenger footwell....it should not have any connections in the area of the radio. There is a plug on the firewall inside the engine compartment which can become loose and/or corroded, causing the wipers to fail. Hope this helps.