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  1. bunkhouse

    2018 ZCON Atlanta

    2020, Denver Colorado.
  2. bunkhouse

    2018 ZCON Atlanta

    Branson, Missouri.
  3. bunkhouse

    Factory Manuals - Some.

    @Chickenwing Try nicoclub.com/datsunservice manuals. You may find the info you're looking for in the 73 manual do to the Dec. 73 build date.
  4. bunkhouse

    Leveling Out an RB25 Engine Before Fabbing Mounts

    As I understand driveshaft angles, the most important thing is to be sure the front and rear angles are the same.
  5. bunkhouse

    240Z Battery Area Advice

    I'd treat the area with a rust converter after ridding the area of loose rust. Ospho (it will seep into the seams) is my favorite but any acid (muriatic is effective but extreme, phosphoric is better) will convert the rust. Then a zinc rich primer and on to paint.
  6. bunkhouse

    L28 running on 5?

    A bit of research on Wikipedia shows that the sd33t was powered by a turbo diesel. That said, I'm going to assume that your L28 is fuel injected. Likely the injector on #6 is either not firing or gunked up based on the reported good compression and spark. A long screw driver used as a stethoscope will tell you if it's clicking like all the others. If it does click, the injector is probably plugged.
  7. bunkhouse


    The same problem exists on the underside with the undercoating. Air pockets that allow surface rust. Both surfaces (inside and out) need to be cleared of rust. Hopefully you won't find any spots that have rusted thru the sheet metal.
  8. I'd work on the ignition until you get a good hot spark on all cylinders then go back to the carb.
  9. bunkhouse


    The tar mat ("rubber") that has rust around the edges typically has rust under it too. You'll find many places that the mat didn't adhere to the sheet metal. Those air pockets allow surface rust to form on the bare sheet metal.
  10. Referring back to my notes, Dorman 38397 door hinge repair kit has bushings to tighten up your door hinges. They also work for the shifter.
  11. bunkhouse

    Thoughts on this s30 project

    Congratulations. Tabco has the replacement rocker panels.
  12. bunkhouse

    Thoughts on this s30 project

    The price is excellent. Check it inside and out for rust. Rocker panels, under the battery, floors, frame rails, sill panel under the hatch, just to name a few. A paint job would turn that ugly duckling into a swan.
  13. bunkhouse

    Inspection Light Lense

    240Zrubberparts.com sells the lens and gasket for $35.00.
  14. I've done the same at Oreilly's. Sunday mornings are a good time to ask for special service. @Neverdone The Oreilly's at Johnson Creek and 82nd are great guys.
  15. bunkhouse

    1972 240Z SU Carb Full throttle upon start up

    Good logic in checking the butterflies. They have to open for the engine to rev. Be sure to check the float levels. I wouldn't assume they're correct. The previous owner's "set-up" wasn't even close.