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  1. Hi everyone, I bought a Xenon air dam for my 280z and while the fit is nice, the middle of the air dam is angled upwards. Do I need to adjust the bolt holes again or does the air dam eventually rest into the correct resting place? Mine looks very similar to this picture
  2. Hi everyone! I have an L28e with N42 head on a new to me car. I cold adjusted the valves to .10 exhaust and .08 intake but the engine still seems loud. Do I need to worry about anything if the engine is loud like this? I can't find any exhaust leaks, the oil pressure is around 10-70 psi, and the car runs well. Here is a video of the noise after adjustment and a little 15 minute drive
  3. Darn, so no solid answer. I will try higher dead time numbers but my AFR problem happens at all RPMs, not just at idle. This makes me wonder if anyone here in this forum actually has a solid tune.
  4. Hi everyone, I have RC engineering 550cc low impedance injectors with resistors wired in and I am having a tough time getting consistent AFRs after using Auto Tune. I will tune to get a 13.5 AFR at idle but then the next time I will see 12 or 15 as my AFR. From what I am reading, my injector dead time amount could be affecting this. I emailed RC Engineering and they sent me this document in an email. I asked if these values were for low impedance with resistors and he said they were. For Megasquirt, I am entering .263 for 13 volts @ 40 psi of fuel, correct? It seems to me that these values are too low and should be near .900, right? Any insight?
  5. Weird coolant / over heating problem

    Was the coolant drained completely and then replaced with new fluids? If it was, you might want to try letting the car idle with the radiator cap off for awhile. My Maxima overheated after the plastic radiator blew up and after repairing it, my car would get near the red on the coolant temp gauge while on the freeway. When I let the car idle with the cap off, it pretty much burped out all the air and my car was fine after that.
  6. I replaced the Banjo Bolt Hose fitting and added the aluminum washers a few weeks ago and no leaks. Thanks for the advice.
  7. I have a shop built L28ET that I am ready to drop into my Z car but do not have my tune completely figured out yet. So to save my new rebuilt engine, I bought a P90 head and ARP head studs to put on my current N42 block. Now that the swap has been made, there is a lot of exhaust smoke coming out of the tail pipe even though the car is warmed at 180 degrees and holding. I did a compression test and cyl 1 was 122, cyl 2-5 were around 130, and cyl 6 was at 138. The Vacuum idles at 19 -21 inches. So assuming that I am leaking coolant into the engine and that is burning through the tailpipe, is it still safe enough to hash out a decent Megasquirt tune through this leaky engine for my new engine? The car feels fine driving although I haven't driven longer than 10 minutes anywhere. Let me know what you guys think! Dom
  8. I heated the copper rings until it got red and let it cool off. That didn't work so I bought 10 new copper washers and it steal leaks ridiculously bad. I have the copper washers on both sides of the bolt but it is always the same result. The top crush washer leaks at a rate of a drip a second. Can I use the rubber washer in place of the top crush ring that is further away from the turbo? How tight do I need to tighten the fitting? I have them tightened pretty tight and am afraid I will strip something if I go too hard. Bought a new banjo bolt and more washers so let me see how that goes.
  9. I have a GT30 turbo and the coolant feed banjo bolt leaks. I tried to anneal the copper washers that came with the bolt but it still leaks so I bought these washers that have rubber on the inside of them http://www.torkteknology.com/14mm-banjo-seal-washers-tork-tek-cummins-bs14mm/ Will these work or does the turbo get too hot to run these rubber washers so I need the copper ones?
  10. Hi everyone, I finally got my engine back from the builder after 3.5 years and I want to make sure that the specs on it seem okay. It was a hassle and in the end, the builder forgot to put the oil pump spindle in so I would like some input on a few mods he made. F54 block with L28et ITM pistons with standard bore Stage 2 port work on P90 head, machined for double springs Isky Lash caps ground to .150" thick Dougherty Racing Cam installed at 106 degrees Schneider springs No 68022 Removed oil bypass in block and plugged hole Ported inlet area under oil filter for better flow Cam Specs Advertised duration 272/272 degrees Valve lift .410"/.410" Centerlines Intake/Exhaust 110/110 degrees Cam timing @ 0.20" Intake opens 26 BTDC degrees Intake closes 66 ABDC degrees Exhaust opens 66 BBDC degrees Exhaust closes 26 ATDC degrees Lobe separation angle 110 Degrees The turbo is a GT3076R .63 and I wanted this car to be streetable with some track use. Can I break in the new engine using a megasquirt tune from the sticky even though cam profiles might be different?
  11. 280zx non-turbo 60k

    Sounds like a $2,000 car
  12. In the picture, I have the bottom coolant banjo bolt aimed downward (this one goes to the passenger side of the engine block) to hopefully make the other coolant banjo bolt the only line for thermal siphoning. Is there an issue if I have both banjo bolts facing upward and thermal siphoning? With this bolt aimed downward, the steering shaft is in the way. Any ideas?
  13. '78 l28e cam and crank timing help

    I didn't want to mess around so I spent $12 on a piston stop from amazon. I rotated it one direction until it stopped, and then rotated the engine the other direction until it stopped. Right in the middle between the marks was my TDC. Go on amazon and search for Competition Cams 4795 Top Dead Center Stop, 14mm Bolt-Style
  14. I received a call from someone across the United states asking about specific Datsun items I am selling on craigslist. He wants to paypal me money for a fidanza flywheel and hood vents. He seemed like he knew about Datsun. I don't want to ship my items only to have the PayPal payment reversed and then my items are gone. Is there a way to protect me as a seller? Does selling the part on ebay makes things easier? Any ideas? He isn't a member of any z car sitest but claims he has a perfect ebay rating
  15. Okay, I have been reading about thermal siphoning and I just want to be clear on this. I have two banjo bolts for coolant on the turbo. I have the turbo tilted to where the coolant port nearest to the engine is slightly higher than the furthest port. I should have the bypass line from the thermostat connected to the higher turbo coolant port with the banjo bolt facing upward. On the lower coolant port, does my banjo bolt need to be facing downward so that the heated coolant will rise through the other line and back to the thermostat housing? Do I have the idea right?