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  1. I think it's the universe's will that this goes to Neverdone.
  2. Donating

    Below the blue header (at the top of the page) there are words. One of them is "Donations." Click on that. Then click on the green button "Donate Now." It's on the right half of the page, just off center.
  3. TIG welder recommendation

    Likewise, I ended up purchasing the Everlast 185DV. Got it for $900 with pedal. Spent another ~100 bucks on gas lens kit and some tungsten... this thing is definitely better than I am (my filler technique sucks). Only complaint is that the power switch is on the back... and the flow meter feels chinsy- difficult to be specific in the 5-15CFM range. Torch, pedal, overall construction has been very nice.
  4. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Good for you for perusing this and documenting. Keeping the HybridZ spirit alive! Looking forward to continued progress.
  5. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    To be fair, that's not really what happened. There's a guy who makes weld-on Z31T CV adapters, and someone who purchased these made some revisions to the design for better axle clearance and some other minor improvements. This customer shared his improvements with the seller, who basically told him to sod off. This guy had a few extras made when he did his, and sold the extras of his version. Original seller got his panties in a wad. I purchased both sets... maybe i'll do a write up comparison when the version 2 ones get here. (Sorry to get off topic)
  6. Tim's 302Z

    Thanks for the input.. I've been wondering if the thick frame rails would be enough, but after hearing your experience I'm glad I'm planning on additional triangulation. http://s160.photobucket.com/user/psanders240/library/BSR-260Z-IMSA?sort=3&hotlinkfix=1513342061687&page=1 This car, right? Definitely taking inspiration from him on some fronts, but this is a street car..gotta keep myself from going totally overboard with it. Finding some compromise on interior space has been something I've been mulling over for a while - Mostly around the firewall and how to reasonably but effectively connect to the rear of the car without a full cage. Suggestions welcome Here's my photodump of other people's chassis stiffening: https://imgur.com/a/R27sh
  7. Tim's 302Z

    I've also spent some time on the passenger side inner fender, made a new panel where the battery tray was...which i'll probably end up mounting in the back of the car. Will wait until fuel tank is in and see how much room I've got. ANYWAY, did most of the forming over my knee with a bunch of hammer and dolley work. Also stitch welded the first strut tower, and did a bunch of welding on the new frame rails and fender tie ins:
  8. Tim's 302Z

    Aw shucks, thanks fellas! Since I left off with the TC buckets, here's where they've progressed to:
  9. 2jzge swap in progress

    Do you want torque or boost? I was at the same crossroads when I was picking an engine for my car - I had a 1JZ supra and driven plenty of 2J's... with turbos ranging from GT35 400hp cars, to 76mm 700hp cars. Boost is fun, but its really a highway pull type experience. I decided I wanted N/A V8 torque for the Z, since it was lighter and wanted more of a "point and squirt" backroads bomber. Both are good choices, but I think you need to decide about how you want the car to drive, as the two engines will give two different experiences.
  10. Tim's 302Z

    Oh, and TC buckets went back in. They'll be tied into the frame rails longitudinally later on.
  11. Tim's 302Z

    Making the upper radiator support removable. I HATE the wiggle of getting an engine and transmission out of an engine bay. Should have used some wider metal so I wouln't have to worry about the gap at the front but I'll address that later. Trimmed and ground tabs, it's reasonably flush now.
  12. Tim's 302Z

    Then I made a new radiator lower support bracket to accommodate the larger Howe radiator I'll be using, and strengthen the area for the next step...