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Yet another rear drum to disk conversion option!

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Fixed it for you. :P


I'm making slow progress on the Z but as soon as it's back no the road, those brakes are going on!


Lazy is right...Especially when it comes to online reviews.


Suppose I can throw in my experience with this kit now. I've got about 50 miles on these brakes now. I am yet to stress them much at all short of a little driving around the neighborhood trying to lock up my tires to get the bias ballparked. Front brakes are the bolt on Toyota 4 pot without the vented rotors currently. Seems silly to have these massive rear rotors in comparison to the fronts, but that just means I need a front brake upgrade, right??!!  So far I've been very pleased. Pedal feels great, and the car stops well. Can't wait for the weather to drop back below hundred in a couple months so I can actually start driving the car on a regular basis...


The only complaint I can come up with at the moment is that the parking brake (which works well mind you) requires a lot more throw to engage than the stock one (which only took about 3-4 clicks) even after me tightening it up. I cant seem to get it less than 8-10 clicks before full engagement. Not a huge deal as I'm thrilled to have a new cable and functional parking brake, where many of the other kits required eliminating it or going with some workaround that didn't seem very practical or thought out.


Installation was fairly straightforward. I used the centering ring and drilled my own holes with a drill press. Ended up having to take a die grinder to a couple of the holes to get everything to fit over wheel studs and the centering ring. Worked out in the end though. I went bottom shelf for the rotors and calipers, since I have no intention (really it's a lack of opportunity...stuck in frickin' West Texas 5 hrs from anywhere...arghh) at the moment to do any track time with the car and I cant complain yet. Rock Auto made the parts purchases very reasonable.


All in all, I fully endorse this kit. Way to go Nigel!!!

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Well, turns out it don't fit! Anybody interested in buying this kit off of me? Everything is brand new, rotors are already re-drilled for 4-lug. $650 takes it.



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