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Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

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With all the recent postings I was hoping to get some help trying to read out my Flow sheet. I picked off this head from Yahoo Auctions Japan. It was completely bare missing cam towers and about everything else. All I could tell from the photos was that it had been ported and that it had welded chambers. I decided to risk it and put a bid in knowing full well I might have just bought a new paperweight. I finally got it back from a reputable builder with new seats, Datsun Spirit Big valves and some unfurling of the valve area. I was told that different flow benches are like dynos. It seems that the flow bench used for this head maxes out at 160 cfm at 10 inches of water. Not sure how this coverts to newer type flow benches that read at 20 inches etc. Also not sure how this relates to max lift on the cams? 


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I'd get it flowed somewhere locally at 25 or 28 inches. If you have a stock head, get them to do that as well for a baseline. Then at least you can have numbers on a comparable scale to what others do.


I'd expect the head to perform well though, fingers crossed for you!

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