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  1. Thanks. So I think you could get one shipped here for $10k, not bad.
  2. I don't know about the quality, did you see my above post? Also, the edge looked like they needed some work. I sold my rears to DavyZ for $150 and he planned to rework them, should look good then.
  3. I had a set and they were REALLY thin in a few spots? Thin as in, when I held them up to the light, I could see through and probably read through the thin spot.
  4. TH350 boooooooooooo! Union electrician booooooo! JK JK Any update on the header/turbo manifold situation?
  5. You are right, that car has never been posted.......
  6. Oh no! 35 lbs!!! Just get a smaller battery and offset the difference, it it well worth it in my opinion IF you plan on daily driving or street driving often.
  7. Wow I wonder how much they would be if they did sell?
  8. Maybe my tone was harsh, he didn't exactly rip anyone off, BUT he did take forever to get the parts out. There is a thread on his delivered parts. I hear he now has his act together on getting stuff off, worth a try on the flares, he is the only one that sales them.
  9. He was banned from the site, so take a hint. : ) He also "ripped" some people off for those LCAs. And as for wider ZG flares, he is the only guy that makes them, so good luck with that.
  10. The most abundant elements in the Earth's CRUST are Silicon and Oxygen.
  11. For 500 hp, the RB is going to be cheaper in the long run and more reliable.
  12. OK a bit of an update: I have made some longer highway trips and used 6th gear on them, the miles listed below are all highway miles, here are the results: Trip 1:80 miles: 17 mpg with AC on whole trip Trip 2:80 miles: 19 mpg with no AC Trip 3: 150 miles: 21.45 mpg no AC Trip 4: 150 miles: 21.35 mpg no AC I made trips 3 and 4 today, so I was feeling pretty good. I haven't done anything to the car other than using 6th gear on the highway. BUT: I made one more trip Trip 6: 30 miles, ALL CITY MILES, ................8.8 mpg. I wasn't babyin
  13. He was on HybridZ today: http://forums.hybridz.org/member.php?u=37649 And made a post two days ago: http://forums.hybridz.org/showpost.php?p=1120402&postcount=4
  14. Almost all those pics are of member 240Z Turbo's car.
  15. What is the performance benefit of this set up?
  16. Post a link I can't find it on youtube, if it who is I think it is, that guy is a confirmed scam artist. Edit: I found the video, and it is who I thought he was. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=116502&highlight=frankie They showed up to SEZ a few years ago with a 280z and enough nitrous to make an elephant giggle.
  17. Out of curiosity, who sold the cradles first? Vildini or McKinney?
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