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  1. My friend's mom used to always say, "Is it still to late for an abortion?" LOL
  2. What was wrong with the first 383?
  3. What year 280z? It matters due to the catalytic converter hump on the tranny tunnel in some models.
  4. Can't resist.... No Religion posts.... jk
  5. You should PM member Curt76280 He has a set of doors and might be willing to ship them internationally for you.
  6. Pretty sure you can go to the police now with what you have here.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH This is freakin hilarious!
  8. Get a 280z grill and turn signals, problem solved.
  9. I mailed my parts back, we'll see how long for a refund.
  10. Maybe PM Warren, he is a locksmith and has some knowledge on the Datsun locks.
  11. No aero, just a nice front air dam that is NOT the type 2 or 3 from MSA.
  12. Looking good. Oh, and nice Kubota you have there.
  13. You can use a GPS to accurate calculate fuel mileage and speed.
  14. Where in SC are you located? There is a guy in Rutherfordton, NC who does pretty well working on stock Z's. I have used him several times and he knows the stock fuel injection pretty well, oh, and he is very cheap.
  15. Maybe you can do like 240hoke did and find a substitute from McMaster Carr or Steele Rubber Products. His was on a 240z but both companies have one metric crap ton of rubber products.
  16. I don't think your rear end ration is the reason for your poor fuel mileage.
  17. Make sure to do the timing belt!
  18. You can usually find local shops to make your hard lines with whatever fittings you want. I used to use a local one all the time to make hard lines for big truck AC systems, was cheap and faster than ordering from the dealer.
  19. Yea this thread is almost 4 years old, don't know what I was thinking back then. I think on3go put the idea in my head.
  20. Yea I was marking up for bloated shipping expenses.
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