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  1. I think it could be done. Heres one in a Vette: http://www.thedieselgarage.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77459&highlight=corvette
  2. 3.96 gear in a turbo car? Interesting.
  3. Isn't that a member here, ZWolf? Edit: Yea, went to his myspace page, that is him and a real Primadonna Z.
  4. Wowza, you are my role model!
  5. There is an American Peter Brock, he's the one that designed the Cobra coupe.
  6. Hate I missed it, but I was defending your homeland!
  7. If you didn't like the HOA rules, you never should have moved there in the first place. HOAs are a good thing and keep property values up.
  8. I love Pawn Stars! One on my favorite shows. The seller did act like a tool, especially when Rick turned him down. Not alot of money in that car. Most mint original red/black 10th AE usually go no higher than 40k.
  9. Tried Tabco? fairly certain they are the manufacturer of that piece.
  10. BFG G Force sports 275 40 17 rears, 255 40 17 fronts, should have went with a 245 front.
  11. Maxima, I have a 6 speed with the vq35 and I love it. Worst tank was 28 mpg best was 32 mpg. Runs on regular, nice features and cheap to find used.
  12. Blackdragon fenders suck, fitment is poor at best.
  13. MSA street flares. No longer available if I recall.
  14. Hoov, I bought the car off VettePowered. So when I am talking about my car, it is the same car the original poster and everyone has been posting about in the thread. I will check the amperage next time I go home.
  15. Oh, and in other news, I drove the car about 20 miles with the hood off. It ran 20-30 degrees cooler going down the road with the hood off than it does with the hood on. Interesting.
  16. I will look into the alternator amp issue. I don't think adding the fans will help. The taurus fan is 4000 cfm on the high side. Plenty of people on here run them with similar set ups with no issues. I think ducting and a shroud will help for sure. I will post results when I get to it.
  17. This was posted 6 years ago. Pretty sure he figured it out since his Z runs low 9's now. Oh, and nice sig......
  18. You sold him your old kit, you sly dog! Looking good.
  19. Depends on where you are, but $40/hour and up wouldn't be unheard of. Man, that search function is amazing: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/topic/85799-how-much-to-weld-in-new-floor-pans-and-frame-rails/page__p__819159__hl__floor%20pans__fromsearch__1entry819159
  20. Hmmm, maybe a nascar version on the lingerie football leauge? Convertibles, then we would need convertibles.
  21. You couldn't fuel the haulers and operate those for 100k!
  22. Marcos Ambrose! My favorite driver! As you can tell, he had a bad day at Bristol:
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