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  1. Not sure if someone mentioned this yet, but I plan to do this p/n from chasebays. Its the one for Toyota Supra/SC300/Soarer/IS300/Datsun 280z. sku: CB-DBBE-MK Hope that helps
  2. What's pricing going to look like and and what hubs/struts are you using, and what brakes?
  3. Well F......if youre giving up on the Z are you still going to be able to make this kit. I have someone I can put you in contact with if you don't want your design to go to waste, he might even be willing to buy it from you, I don't know as I can't speak for him. But I know he's a smart engineer and I believe his products speak for itself. Hes actually the owner of Apex Engineered. Let me know on Facebook if you're interested. Otherwise I know of another guy on here that is taking a different a approach but still interesting that might benefit from what you've put together so far. Just let me know. By the way, my car hasn't been together for longer than that lol don't use that as an excuse. You just gotta pull the trigger and throw some money and time at it.
  4. Just checking in Spitz, I'm contemplating picking up this cheap welded R200 diff to use in the meantime, want to know how far away you are from making a complete kit. Just wanna know if I should save my money if you're close. Please let me know,
  5. Hey Spitz, Just watched Motor Trend's Roadkill Extra that went up 21hrs ago on the Rotsun and they said they broke the inner stub and were thinking about doing IRS swap. Maybe reach out to David Freiburger with Roadkill and they can help with some of the cost? Just an idea.
  6. You should prolly delete that response because I didn't post any specifics and my point is still applicable and on topic. There are usually 2 sides to every story so I'm not saying you're wrong, just telling him he needs to be careful.
  7. It was a couple days ago, i dont remember anymore, it was a guy complaining about that he shared his design with someone and they ended up copying it but changing like 1 thing and selling it. the guy had the gall to promote the stolen IP in one of the original guy's posts.....just be careful man. Make sure all the shops you go to aren't like specialty Z because they might just go out and take it from you. You've done some real good work on this and it makes me super happy to hear you're working with an engineer on this (EVEN THOUGH I OFFERED TO HELP TOO ) So just make sure to protect your work. Keep it up and looking forward to what the final bit is. Besides me, i know there is at least 1 other guy 100% interested in your kit...I just sincerely hope I can afford it haha
  8. Richard saw this but did you Travis? Figures you want to install it after I get you all hyped up about it! hahaha
  9. Hey Spitz, be careful who you share the designs with too, someone just got burned on something they came up with on one of the datsun facebook pages. Hoping for 2018 front mount updates soon lol not like 2018 just started or anything....i swear i'm not eager haha
  10. I appreciate these lil updates, even if nothing substantial happens, just to know your heads still in it and it's not dying.
  11. I'm sure you already thought of this spitz, but make sure to weigh everything, one of the good marketing points for yours will be if lighter or very close to the weight of the zcar one. What do you plan on using for cover bolts through this plate? Bolts will be in double shear which if i remember my engineering school at all, is preferable. However, I still don't see how this will stay sealed. The first blast off the line won't the bead of RTV touching the smooth surface of the sandwiched plate just tear apart - allowing fluid to leak through (granted it won't be a lot because it shouldnt be under any major pressure ever, but still will leak? Or am I just overthinking it and RTV will be able to handle the stretch) And my apologies again, but did you already show your plans for the front mount? For this plate to work, the front mount will have to be bullet proof, correct?
  12. So does anyone still make the JCR body kits for at least the 280z's? Or a somewhat close copy that needs some massaging to fit?
  13. LOLOLOL you changed machine shops and they already turned something around? Thats ridiculous. I'll remember that for TeamZMotorsports. Keep up the good work!
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