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  1. I have a CLUTCH lsd 3.54 in great shape for 700.
  2. Hello, I have a used one in great shape for 225. shipped or new in box for 300 shipped. These are the 240mm style and authentic Fidanza. Thank you, Steven sboothdds@gmail.com 928-978-0499
  3. Look on Phoenix Craigslist under auto parts datsun 240z.
  4. Hello, Looking for a well built L24 short block only. I already have a few cores but just seeing if a .080 or under overbored, 9mm rod bolt and stock stroke short block professionally built is available to save on time and cost. A fresh IT engine would be ideal but forged pistons ok too. This should be flat top pistons with possible valve reliefs. Deck height should be zero'd out. NO local machine shop or personal build types as this will be a low level spec track engine. Forged pistons only for sale would be considered too. Thank you, Steven
  5. I have 3 mikuni 44phh. They made 286 and 248tq on a Rebello 3.2 street engine on the dynojet at MSA 2015. I will put in 34mm venturies and some base jetting with stock type fuel inlets. These will come with 2" velocity stacks but no mani or linkage. I'll take 1200. Or 1000. with your setup IF the carb is recently purchased new. ( not 5 yrs old with a rebuild aka gasket kit). You'll have to pay shipping on both if interested. Thanks, Steven PS I'll be leaving on the 28 and coming back on the 9th.
  6. I have a MM welded (not Billit) CF set for 27 spline stub axles. And a pair of of 280zxt 6 bolt cv axles with good boots. Parts aren't show car pretty but very sound. 250. shipped.
  7. Like the title says: Original white door panels. Great condition only. Thank you, Steven
  8. Hello, 250. for the ugly set with axles, 325.for the pretty black phosphated with gone thru axles. All boots are good. Not too interested in splitting cf adaptors and axles at this time though. Maybe someone will buy the axles alone and first? Call me so I can texts pics if interested. Steven 928-978-0499
  9. I have 2 pairs of Welded not billet MM 280 companion flange adapters that I will sell with the proper cv axles. To be clear thats 4 CF adaptors and 4 axles. LMK
  10. I have the "Welded" not Billet MM 6 bolt 280zx CF and unshortened CV axles available if no luck. LMK
  11. I have MSA blue springs. They are 115# F and 165# R. Ran them for less than 3K. They lower a 240z 1-1.5 inch and will lower your 280z at least or more than that. LMK
  12. I have one in perfect shape. Currently has 600 dp I used on 3.2. Custom Aluminum heat shield, Custom SS fuel line and 14 inch filter assy. Also has Tig'd SS mount for the nicer Lokar linkage. LMK
  13. have the whole setup with red por 15 calipers for 430. shipped.
  14. I happen to have just taken off a whole MM rear brake assy. Only 1200 miles on kit and still looks great. This includes rebuilt calipers and ears for parking brake, rotors, caliper bracket,pads. Also have stock diameter 1.5ish inch lowering springs, blue in color, checked weight myself and the fronts are 115# and rears are 160#. Have the front housings that are shortened for the 3099 mr2? inserts. the lower perch has been positioned so half of the shorter strut is for lowering and the other half increases the bump travel to 2 plus inches. Too much to list. You may call me at 928-978-0499. Ive
  15. I have used but great shape arias forged 83.5mm flat tops with rings. These rings have been gapped for my block and may need replacement if not good for your final honed bore diameter. Floating wrist pins and L-28 rods are included. My L-24 was going to be set up with L-28 crank and rods which gives a slight negative deck height. I can give the measured deck height measurement to you if truly interested. $200. plus shipping for all
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