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  1. Put the burners on them. Its nice to not have to make as much horsepower as all the heavier cars.
  2. Those are amazing wheels and I have been eyeing them but i need an 11” wheel out back too.
  3. And this brings us to current day. Plans from here are 8.8 rear, coilovers, flares, 5 lug, and new wheels/tires to start it off. Looking to go 180mph+ in the half and starting off sub 9.50@150+
  4. I didnt have enough time to address the exhaust before the tune as the blower was still in a different state the day before. So I brought it in open xpipe and it had a y to a single 3” and that just wasnt going to flow enough. Off to the exhaust shop for a 3” y to single 4” and straight through vibrant 4” muffler.
  5. I fought belt alignment issues for a good month or so and after destroying a couple belts I think it was finally straightened out. So it was dyno time. Still only had 245s on the car so it wouldnt hold after 5800rpm. But at 5800rpm on 12psi it made 751whp/685wtq. So with another almost 1000rpm on tap I dont doubt its making over 800whp now.
  6. Got a killer deal on a c6 corvette procharger kit. D1SC, 10% lower, boost cam, meth going on. After the radiator support was cut out the whole kit dang near fell together.
  7. The goals have been met. That means its time for more power. From here I started brain storming. Turbo? Twin turbo? Badass na ls7? Supercharger?
  8. Heres a vid of the passes for the day.
  9. So this met one of my goals for the car. 170mph in the 1/2 now all I needed was a 9 second pass at over 140mph. And just my luck there was a track rental the same day. So I loaded the car up. And headed north about 4 hours to sac raceway. First pass. Grenaded a half shaft. Not a great start. So i ditched the 2 step as it was just too much for the stock half shafts and I just couldnt work the pedal right. Made some more passes after that to a best of 9.8@143. 2 goals met in the same day. Decided to make one more pass on motor as I still havent made one with the slicks on. And well........ I found a second neutral in the t56 where 3rd gear was. No grind. No gear nothing. After a swift yank it popped out and like magic all the gears were still there. And heres a pic of one of the axles that made the 9 second pass.
  10. Fast forward to about april of 2019 and it was time to return to shift sector. This time on kill going for that 170mph pass. No games this time. There were 3 blue s30s there on saturday. Mine. A small block extremely clean auto one. And a ls swapped turbo also. Was cool to see other Z’s out there going down the strip. First pass of the day spraying 3rd-5th it kissed the limiter across the traps to a 170.19mph pass. GOT IT! Made 3 motor passes after that with a best of 152mph. Speedhunters and nrg also got some pics of the car while at the event.
  11. So more track visits. This time out I was getting after it launching the car. 2 step set around 5200rpm. Which by the end of the day resulted in breaking both half shafts at the same time lol. New pb though 10.1@136 running out of nitrous in 4th. Also made a full trim street tire pass on motor vs a stick hellcat on slicks. Took the W on that one and 11.6@125 first time ever attempting a pass on the 245 federal street tires.
  12. Decided to throw it back on the dyno to see what kind of numbers is was making with the 200 and 250 shot. This is just a small proton kit so I was skeptical it was making much over 600whp. Come to find out it made 598whp on the 250 shot and 603whp on the 200 shot. It was running out of solenoid and going extremely rich on the 250 shot.
  13. I thought that potentially the head gasket was compromised after that but did a 0-150 pull once I got home and everything checked out good. So that means it was time to get after some more 1/4 mile passes. Weighed in at just over 2500lbs no driver. Best pass of the day on a 200 hit once i grabbed 2nd netted a 10.3@139 and that was with a 4th gear miss. So I was quite happy with the results. Still on a welded r200 and factory half shafts.
  14. First time to shift sector. On motor in full street trim went 147mph. And on a 200 shot 3rd through 5th 166. Pilled it up to a 250 shot and missed 4th gear to another 166mph pass. Noticed the car was missing a little so I thought it ate a plug. But it ended ip throwing a belt when i missed. So all of 4th and all of 5th on a 250 shot was done with no water pump. 280 degree water temp was no bueno.
  15. Welded R200 and stock half shafts. Heres one that was on the car for the 9 second pass.
  16. Looks like i didnt add the picture. I had to 90 it as it didnt clear.
  17. First time taking it to the track. Took it super soft as to not break anything before taking it to the 1/2 mile. 11.9@122 was on the 245 federal street tires. And the 11.4@135 was spraying a 200 shot half way through 3rd into 4th.
  18. Got the drag setup going. 15x3.5 on 25x5x15 up front and 15x8 on 26x8x15 out back. And threw it on the scales in street trim and weighed it at 2700lbs which I find to be a bit on the heavy side.
  19. Thanks. There was for sure a bit of luck going on finding parts and everything going together smooth. This was a year ago. I just recently finished putting a blower on it and it took all of 3 months to figure it out.
  20. Off to get the exhaust done. Then the first real test drive. After that it was time to clean up the under dash wiring and add some music. Then it was tune time. Ended up putting down 420whp/395wtq and 525whp/550wtq on a 100 shot.
  21. We got lights! Along with some bigger brakes and nitrous.
  22. Got some stuff in the engine bay plumbed and started wiring up the car as it didnt have a single wire left in it. Also scored a rear disc conversion.
  23. Got the fuel cell in. Made some coil relocation brackets. Then started working to get the headers clearanced to the steering shaft. That was essentially the only part that didnt fit well using the mounts I had. Got some wheels and tires also. 16x8.5 Circuit Performance CP25 and 245/50/16s.
  24. The motor was a 28x reluctor and i wanted all the added tunablity of the more current pcm’s so did a 58x reluctor swap along with 4x sensors. Got the motor in and appropriately placed.
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