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  1. Heres a video i threw together from the passes.
  2. I dont know why but my car is in the heavy side. It is an iron block so that is an extra 80-100lbs. But in street trim its 2700lbs. 2600lbs is no driver. Sure thing. Wheels are VMS Modulo 15x3.5 with hoosier 25x5x15 up front and 15x8 26x8x15 out back.
  3. Yup all good. My last car was auto shattered the record for bolt on base c6 corvettes. 10.42@128 with 417whp so im no stranger to autos and i know it would be way faster auto. Give me a year or so and i can almost guarantee it will be. and as far as wanting more i got it covered. More horsepower coming soon lol. But i get what you mean with the frustration of stick cars. Thats why my last one was auto. Got tired of breaking stuff in my subaru and camaro. The corvette was great. I had over 600 passes at the track most of which were cutting 1.4 60fts to a best of 1.37 and never broke anything drivetrain wise.
  4. Ive only tried 3 times since getting rid of the 2 step and all 3 passes were faster than my best with the 2 step im having a great time.
  5. Id rather figure out the 3rd pedal for myself or go auto.
  6. That sounds good if I wanted to get more into competitive drag racing. But its just for fun for me.
  7. My biggest issue is i was using my 2 step set around 5-5800rpm and doing a quick dump and it was too violent for the half shafts. So last outing i ditched that. And still launched around 5200rpm but feeding the throttle in as I let the clutch go. And theyve been fine.
  8. Thanks! Im planning on moving to a better diff and the welded diff gets kinda old sometimes.
  9. I dont mind being a test mule. And I wont treat it light either. Ive been putting this r200 through the ringer. Almost 700wtq in first with slicks. 2nd gear clutch dump burnouts. And planning on more power and more tire.
  10. Well after a couple track outings I was looking to hit 2 of my goals in one day. 170mph in the 1/2 mile and 9.9x@140+ in the quarter. With a welded r200 and stock half shafts. Mods: lq4 iron 6.0 9.4:1 compression cnc ls3 heads mild boost cam 1 7/8 arh headers Nx Proton 175 shot M12 T56 Aluminum flywheel w/ mcleod rst twin disk 429whp/398wtq on motor 603whp/625wtq on 175 shot ~2600lbs So loaded the car up since there was a high chance of destruction over the weekend and headed out to coalinga for the 1/2 mile event. First pass on the nitrous went 170.2mph. So took the bottle out to run na to save it for the 1/4 mile. Next pass was N/A and went 152mph. Perfect thats one goal of the list. Loaded the car up and headed to sacramento raceway. 3.5hrs later got to unloading the car. First pass broke a half shaft. I had brought 2 spares so 20 minutes later was ready for another pass. Did a soft launch, 1.7 60ft, as to actually make it to the end and missed 4th gear and went 10.2@142. Next pass clicked off a 9.9@142 on a 1.5 60ft. Now thats 2 goals in one day so decided to try for a little more. Last pass I got a bit more aggressive getting on the nitrous in first. And went 9.84@143 on a 1.49 60ft. Couldnt be happier with how the car performed and still speechless how the one axle i had the least faith in held in the longest. Just 10 months ago the car was a bare roller. Now its time for a little more power. Its been going at this power level since August of last year and really the only casualties have been 5 half shafts. And my z emblem falling off when i grenaded both half shafts at once. Cars been over 170mph a handful of times with countless pulls. Its been a ton of fun and that was the main goal of the build.
  11. New to the forum here so ill start from the beginning. Picked up a 260z shell june 2018. Fairly bare. Had some seats, a steering wheel, a brake pedal, and suspension. No body wiring or drivetrain besides the diff and halfshafts. So first thing i did was called my tuner and had him get me a tune date for the car as he is usually out 3 months for tunes which gave me that much time to get the car road worthy so let the fun begin. My goal for the car was build something that was a blast to drive, runs 9s in the quarter mile and does 170mph in the 1/2 mile.
  12. Sign me up for a set. Finally reached my goal with the tired welded r200 and stock half shafts. So I’m ready for an upgrade.
  13. Well after loosing interest in my previous car (2008 corvette ls3). I wanted to get something pre smog and ended up getting a early 74 260z roller. Was essentially a bare roller but cleaning the floors up was already done so a great starting point. 2 months later had it on the road with a lq4, ls3 heads, boost cam, a sprinkle of nitrous and a t56. My main goal with the car was to just build something that was a blast to drive and it does that well. So far been to a couple 1/2 mile events, been to the 1/4 a handful of times. Still need to do a road course event and maybe try out a drift event with it.
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