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  1. Hey everyone, finally a weekend where I could make some good progress again! It was a pretty productive weekend of wiring! That's literally all I worked on when I was working on the Datsun. I got the gauges mounted and wired up for the most part, as you can see. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the mounts I bought. I had to make holes for the gauge lights in the single mounts. On the three gauge mount I had to notch a edge to get it to fit right. Also, the three gauge mount had no angle to it so the gauges aren't angled towards the driver like they should be. If I had to do it over I wouldn't bu
  2. I worked on the Datsun a tiny bit today. I mainly wanted to install the shifter and see if it was going to hit or not. It doesn't! It is a perfect fit! Lines up and required no cutting! I also worked on the gauges a bit but I don't have any pictures to share of that yet. The mounts are having to be modified a tiny bit. I'm hoping that the dash and the rest of the interior can start going back into the car soon. I was super busy this weekend so I'm hoping that next weekend I can make some better progress
  3. Here's a picture I grabbed today. Also, I slowly worked my way around each bolt, tightening them one at a time repeatedly until the floors were sandwiched as flat as I could get them where the crossmember bolts up. The shifter seems to line up pretty good but I haven't tested it out yet to see if it's hitting or not. I might have to trim the hole a bit bigger
  4. It came with the conversion kit that I purchased from JTR. You can also buy it separately. I made the plates for the top, to sandwich the floor. I also painted it myself. Other than that, that's how I received it. I actually installed the T56 last weekend but I haven't got around to posting any pictures. Maybe I'll post a update and some pictures later this weekend or next weekend. By the way, quick tip for anyone swapping in a T56. Go ahead and cut out the stock Datsun transmission mounts. The Borg-Warner T56 is not one of the transmissions that will fit in between them
  5. https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/131462-78-280z-lt1t56-project/ I'm installing painless body and fuel injection harness' in my 280Z. I mounted the body harness fuse block on the driver side near where the stock Datsun computer was. I'm going to mount the LT1 computer and fuse block on the passenger side near where the Datsun fuse block was. I have some pictures of my progress so far in my thread. If you have any questions, feel free to ask
  6. Hello everyone! So between work and family time I have still been making progress on the Datsun! It really hasn't been anything exciting lately. Just more wiring and painting my transmission crossmember. Until this weekend! I started off the weekend by cleaning the shop and moving the car to a new spot. Then I got it up on jack stands and went to work! My goal for this weekend was to finish up the stuff I needed to do before the engine went in and then get the drive train in. So last week my total bushing kit had finally came in after waiting forever! So I installed the steering rack bushings
  7. Hey Paul, thanks for the pictures! I'm sure they'll come in handy! I've got my AC delete pulley modified and mounted. As far as I know, nobody makes the power steering delete pulleys anymore so my plan was to have one of my friends who is good at machining build me one! Nothing has happened yet though. It's interesting that you converted your LT1 to carburetor. I'm still waiting on bushings to come in for the Datsun but I will be installing the LT1 as soon as that happens! I've progressed some more on the wiring but for the most part I've been too busy with other stuff to work on
  8. I hope that my fans from the Z28 are strong enough to pull air through the 2 row Champion radiator!!
  9. Actually, pretty much all modern cars use single core radiators. In most case a single core radiator is going to be better if you are using a electric fan. With a single core radiator a electric fan can more easily draw air through the radiator. Single core radiator also have wider tubes, usually 1"-1.25". The wider tubes provide more surface area which results in better heat transfer and better cooling. People like to fall into the "Bigger is better" mentality and go with bigger radiators. Not only do they weigh more but for every row you add on a radiator the tubes get narrower. Also, one th
  10. I'm installing a painless universal body harness with a painless fuel injection harness into my car if you want to follow my thread. I also have a link posted there with how other people have wired up their cars
  11. Thanks for the diagram! I would personally run the filter on the pressure side though. I've heard of pumps burning up because of a filter on the inlet side I actually have a 280Z but I'll have to check it out! By the way, it's been a while since I've owned a LS1, but does it not have the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail?
  12. Personally I would just hunt down a T56 from a LT1 car. The LT1 T56 is fairly cheap and I doubt that T5 will last too long behind a LT1
  13. I was literally just going to suggest this. Before I started rewiring my car I had some stuff wired this way. You should probably be able to find open spots on fuse block and if not, just wire into something that isn't super essential if you blow a fuse
  14. Hey Box5, I just discovered your post and I'm really impressed with the work you did and your Z looks like it turned out great! I was wondering if you could explain your fuel setup a bit more to me. Maybe even with a diagram? Is your LS getting enough fuel with the 7/16" port on your tank? I'm curious because I'm about to drop a LT1 into my 280Z and I'm going to need a bigger supply line. From the factory LT1 Camaro's had a 3/8" supply line and a 5/16" return line, so I only need to replace the supply line.
  15. Well here we are, coming to the end of a long holiday weekend. It was a lot of fun and I immensely enjoyed spending time with family, having bonfires, and enjoying good food all while following social distancing and people limits regarding Covid-19. Because of spending a lot of time with family I didn't get too much done on the Datsun. I did get some stuff done though! I managed to remove some more of the old body harness and also remove more of the previous owners hack job wiring. I also got the headlights wired up aside from the power coming from the battery (no battery in the car at the mom
  16. Well my painless wire harness came in a while ago and I finally found time to start working on it this weekend! Yesterday I finished pulling out the rest of the interior. It was pretty damn nasty from the previous owner(s) and it took some cleaning! I found more wires of their's that lead to nowhere and I also found scotch locks in two of the ignition wires.... I don't understand what they were doing but I'm glad that I decided to just start from scratch. I also removed their subwoofer from the trunk because I want the added space and don't feel the need for a subwoofer haha. Today I removed t
  17. My thoughts are that I hope it is easy!! haha. Nah, I'm sure it'll take a bit of patience but it'll be doable. Another reason I'm excited about it is that all of the wiring will be labeled, which will be immensely helpful to me since I'm colorblind and sometimes have a hard time telling colors apart. Also some of the stock Dastun wire colors don't seem very logical to me. I know that a lot of people use EZ Wiring Harnesses but I chose to go with the Painless harness because that is also what I'm going to be using for the LT1 Fuel Injection Harness. I've seen some good post's on both harnesses
  18. What alternator mount are you using? Is that homemade or did you buy it somewhere?
  19. Well today I got the new 13/16" Tilton 75 series master cylinder installed! Though smaller, they provide a full 1.1 inches of stroke. I just need to get a AN fitting for it. I cut about 3/8" off of the Tilton push rod. I had to drill and tap the nut and clevis for 15/16-24 thread. I also got the slave cylinder ready using a McLeod hose fitting adapter. Anyhow, I can cross the master cylinder off of the list of stuff to do! I think that I am going to go ahead and tackle the body harness next to get it out of the way. I will order the Painless 21 Circuit Customizable Chassis Harness soon. I'm no
  20. Following. Interested to see what you think of it once it is installed and if it was worth it.
  21. I actually have a AC delete from Dorman that I haven't installed yet. Then I was going to have a buddy make a power steering delete, essentially just a block with a pulley installed. There was a company that used to make a power steering delete for the LT1 but they apparently quit making them. I emailed them and got no response. I'll probably still run the F Body bracket with the deletes but I would love to find a way to not have to run all those extra pulleys just to run the alternator... They also make a alternator relocation kit that puts the alternator where the AC used to be. That would w
  22. That's insane!! It's cool to see you're on here since I had seen many of your videos on Youtube in the past! Your car is definitely unique and has gave me inspiration for my LT1/T56 swap. It's always nice to see a LT1 shining bright in the world of LSx. Don't get me wrong, I had a LS1 Camaro and loved it but I've also had a couple of LT1 Camaro's and believe they don't get enough credit. The LT1 was a good engine.
  23. Hello everyone. I'm not entirely new to this forum. I had a account here back in the day but due to many years passing, me moving, and my project changing directions I have decided to just go ahead and create a new one. I bought my Datsun the original 2.8 and then I swapped in a L28ET. After discovering the head was shot, it was taken back out. Then between moving for a new job and my Datsun sitting in a storage unit for a few years, the L28ET never got put back together. Anyways, way back in high school I had this really beat up 94 Z28. It had a LT1 and a T56 that were both rebui
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