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Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges


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I got my full set of speedhut gauges from Steve about 2-weeks ago and I am now just getting around to posting about it.  They are some really nice units, Revolution with a few changes to the pointer color, etc. 

They came pretty quick....about 1 1/2 weeks after I ordered. 

Steve is a really good guy to work with and responds quickly to your questions and is a true Z fan like all of us.


Thanks a lot for the sweet gauges.

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Unfortunately not, in order for them to make an extra gauge size there has to be a minimum order of 200 or something like that.  There's not a way to do it.  You can't shave down the ring either since it's threaded to hold the plastic lens in place.  I think the only other option would be able to cut down the dash a bit.


For those of you who have noticed, there is indeed a sale, if you've already gotten a quote, take another 5% off.


For those who haven't ordered yet, I will automatically take out the 5% off the quote, but the quote is only until the sale ends, (which is the 30th or 31st?).



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