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Any suggestions on where to buy RB install kits???


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I'd really love to know where some of you guys changed over from car wise. Because with all the research I've been doing about these car's, and modding them, their dirt cheap.


For the amount I paid for my old FD and what I put into it, I could have easily fully built an s30 with an rb swap doing at least 500whp reliably. Granted I do my own work and I don't pay a shop. But that only saves on labor, which from the looks of the members on here, is most of you anyways.


Needless to say I wish I bought an s30 first but such is life.


As per your question so I'm not 100% off topic, as others have said theirs a very very good reason everyone tells you to get Mckinney mounts. Its because its a great "drop in ready" mount.


All the work that the older members had to do in the beginning is done already, you really get what you pay for, and compared to the price of building the rest of the car its just a drop in the bucket.

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I have the McKinney setup for my rb25. Unless you have the equipment to make your own, and the time + dedication to do a lot of test fitting, pulling the engine and re-test-fitting...  Seems like the only option. If you're going rb20, you don't have to deal with some of these difficulties.

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I make them here in aus,

engine mount brackets which put the back of the head approx 30-40mm from the firewall, not 6"+ from the firewall,

they also lower the engine in the bay slightly (approx 25mm lower), may cause some issues if using a proprietry sum which you will also require.

depending on RB** and also the trans your running, i too also make trans mounts to so far suit the early Z "bolt-up" style trans mount.

I have sold about 5 sets or so loaclly here in aus,

these mounts use OEM mounts if your a streeter, or I do an option of a fully captive mount for more "inspired applications",

both types of my engine mounts pass our local inspections by engineering and authorities

i dont know how much the other cost but mine are quite reasonable.

cheers nat0

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Hi Guys, Need To Use Caps Where Req'd, Got A Warning For Not Doin So,

Sorry Guys I Apologise.

Only thing is I didnt get a warning for cussing, spelling mistakes or drilling others???? Weird.


Anywho, I would have to link you to another site, as it Wont let me post pics either???? (Probably something to do with my slap on the wrist).

Please PM me for details and maybe one of you guys can post them up in this post for me.


These mounts are only one of many things I have previously manufactured for the S30's, (for my own requirements).

I also do Engine bay Chassis rails, Floor rails (STD or Full length including rear frame links).

From rear hump RB sumps (although still not quite finished, but no cutting or shutting on these ones.), to pickups and A/C, P/S and alternator mounting brackts for my own custom requirements.


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